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Rent your algo on UpBots, an incredible passive income!

Do you have a trading algorithm or working on some, or even know someone having a good one? Do you want to earn passive income by renting it to one of the best trading communities and be sure to get what’s coming to you? Then read on, it could change your life!

What is UpBots?

UpBots is the ultimate trading interface for crypto traders, nothing less.

In addition to offering free portfolio tracking solutions for our users (CEX and DEX), we offer trading tools, staking and most importantly: a community trading bot marketplace.

The special feature? Everything is based on performance fees only! Yes, sir!

Never heard of us? Surprising, but ok, so quickly for those who discover us : Upbots has nearly 15,000 users and counting. We have indeed recorded a 17.36% increase in platform users and a 117% increase in algorithm users for February only. It’s increasing quickly!

With a team of about 20 employees, the Upbots team can count on many support with partners of choice such as :

  • Alameda research
  • Binance Broker
  • Taureon
  • CMS Group

What does this have to do with you? Well, we are now looking for the next algo developer superstar, whose strategies we can add to UpBots… and hopefully start a long and profitable relationship.

But … why should you put your algos on UpBots?

Let’s keep it simple: our goal is to make you earn what you deserve: a share of the users’ profits and maybe even the chance to not have to work anymore… that would be nice though, wouldn’t it?

Why should a user who places $1,000,000 on your algo pay you a small monthly fee of $50 when he makes hundreds of thousands of profits thanks to you?

In summary :

  • We put your algo on the marketplace and promote it on our community.
  • You choose the performance fees % (between 2% and 9.25%)
  • Everything is transparent and on the blockchain. You get what you should receive!
  • But you will also enter in our ecosystem, supported by Alameda research and having a massive increase in users and volume
  • You also get the possibility to be listed on superbots, depending on the pair and strategy..

How does it work ?

It’s actually very simple. When your algorithm is listed on the platform, any user with UBXT can activate it. If your algorithm performs well, you will receive a portion of the performance fees directly on your Ox adress. That’s it. I told you, it easy.

An example is usually better than a long explanation:

Let’s say you have chosen a performance fee of 9.25% and that $500,000 of capital is on your algorithm. If you make a positive trade, 8% for example, this is what you are entitled to:

= 9.25% of the $40,000 profit, i.e. $3700 fees, for you, on a single trade, paid in UBXT.

Performance fee distribution on chain

Relax, here’s how to apply

In order to be able to offer your algorithms to the community and earn a % of their earnings, you and your algo will have to follow the little process below.

1- You will have to register on the UpBots interface and create an account.

2- Then, send an email to arnaud@upbots.com, indicating your willingness to rent your algorithm, as well as the following information :

- the email used during your registration on the app UpBots

- the pair(s) and exchange(s) of your algorithm(s)

- If possible, the TradingView link to your algorithm (if private, grant the access to @ArnJuDQ)

We will check the infos, and if it’s positive, the algorithm will be quarantined during the reviewing process. If everything is good, we will launch it and you will start to receive passive income via the Upbots platform.

You don’t use Tradingview?

Don’t worry, we can connect your signals via API.

You don’t have an algo but know someone ? Invite him and get paid!

Know someone who develops algorithmic strategies? Refer them to us and win USD 200 worth of UBXT if the algorithm is added to the platform!

Get In Touch With Us

Regardless if you are an algo developer or are looking to refer an algo developer to us, we invite you to get in touch with our team. Together, we will reshape the future of finance and get rewarded for doing so!

See you soon



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