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The UpBots DAO is coming!

Prepare yourselves for another action-packed weekly wrap up! Brought to you by UpBots.

Hope you’ve been staying up-to-date on the latest news coming from UpBots HQ (No need to go through the newspaper now Brian). Even if you haven’t we’ll detail all the latest happenings right here.

Let’s start things off with something really exciting to mention! The UpBots DAO is back in the company news again and we’re planning to roll it out.

We’ve also announced the next challenge for NFT giveaway month #3. For this one, we hope you’re prepared to take on some challenging daily riddles!

Our CEO Ben had the opportunity to contribute to the Block-Note newsletter and talk about the biggest happenings in crypto today. The newsletter is run by the one-and-only Hasheur so that makes it even more awesome!

We also hosted another informative AMA where Ben answered some hot questions from the UpBots community.

There’s all that plus the latest development updates. Let’s dive in!

The UpBots DAO

In order to give our community a unique way to help steer the course of our platform, we’ve decided to implement a DAO.

If you don’t know what a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is, it basically allows community members to vote on proposed suggestions and ideas that a company/organization will then implement.

Having the UpBots DAO will allow for us to construct a democratic voting system where our community can voice their opinions and help us determine certain future decisions.

Find out more info on our DAO, its governance, and how to participate right here.

NFT giveaway month #3

This month’s NFT giveaway challenge has been announced. Starting June 23rd, we’ll be posting riddles daily to our Twitter for anyone to solve. If you happen to figure it out, you’ll earn a point for the day.

You’ll need to keep a close eye on our Twitter for these riddles because they’ll be getting published randomly. Be sure to follow the UpBots account if you haven’t yet.

Additionally, we’ll be revealing the new NFT of the month shortly.

Ben sums up major crypto news in Block-Note

Earlier this week, Ben contributed to the Block-Note newsletter, where he gave his take on the biggest crypto events.

El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender, Solana raising $314 million to further development, Amazon looking into DeFi, and other topics were discussed.

Check it out (in French) here.

UpBots AMA w/ Ben

We opened the floor to our community so everyone had the chance to get answers to any questions they may have. Who better to ask than our own CEO, Ben.

Our community was able to get deep insights into the current course UpBots is taking, what to expect next in development, and other valuable details. The community and team are equally excited to see UpBots continue making such great progress.

Platform updates

Performance fees being prepared for deployment

Phase 2 of our launch is getting closer as our performance fees prepare for deployment. The team has just conducted one more series of tests to ensure they are 100% functional.

Once we enter phase 2, Battalion, VIP members, and influencers come aboard UpBots for a full platform test of all UpBots features. Once all systems are cleared, we’ll enter the third and final phase of our commercial launch.

Improvements for Optimus bot algos

Given the current market conditions, the team has been working to push updates for the BTC, ETH, and BNB Optimus trading bots.

Optimus v2.0 is on its way and this update will add several factors and variables to massively improve the robustness of the code.

Announcements will be made when it goes live.

UpBots mobile application for Android

UpBots is releasing a mobile app heading to Android’s Google Play store soon! Users will be able to download this app and access their accounts on the go.

The app is ready for release to the Play store and we’re preparing to submit it for approval. We’ll announce once it is live and ready for download. For now, it will only be available on Android devices.

Implementation of new designs

Several new interface designs are in the process of being implemented into the platform’s new v2 structure. They’re new, sleek, and even more user-friendly!

All the designs were created by one of the former lead designers at Paypal so that should explain how seriously we’re taking UI/UX design!

More updates will be coming soon as we continue the implementation.

That’s all for this week! Catch ya’ll for the next one!

And now a meme from our community…

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