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The UpBots UBXT Staking Program is Live on FTX!

We are thrilled to announce that you can now stake your UBXT on FTX.

Right now? Yes, right now. So you can stop reading and just go do it, by clicking here.

- Stake on FTX get spicy rewards (25% APR)
- 30 day unlock but stake as long as you like
- Stake rewards distributed every hour, equally locked and unlocked
- Buy UBXT, Stake it on FTX, connect your UpBots to your FTX via API — Receive platform benefits
- Other useful links to help you get your stake on

Still reading? Need more details? Perhaps some guidance?

Okay great. We are here to help. Besides that, there are some last minute changes that I need to tell you about anyways.

The Live Staking Program Details in easy to swallow digestible bullet points:
(stop trying to swallow your monitor Brian…)

  • Program is being run by FTX on their exchange. You can go get your stake on here:
  • You can stake as long as you wish (up to Aug 2021) but whenever you choose to exit, there will be a 30 day unlock period.
  • While your UBXT is staked, you will not be able to use it in any other way
  • There is a yearly stake reward (APR) of 25%.
    You might like to think of this as the sauce on your stake. (Perhaps pepper sauce because it’s spicy )
  • APR rewards are distributed hourly, half locked and half unlocked.
  • Additional benefits include:
    - Ambassador status
    - Free subscription to UpBots as long as capital is staked
    - Early access to new features on the MVP
    - Free use of 3 algo bots

How do you get access to the benefits (algo bots etc)?

There is a VERY important point here: you must connect via API key your FTX account to your UpBots account.

If you do both of those things, after you have staked your UBXT on FTX, UpBots will detect that and enable the UpBots platform benefits.

For example algo bots, and early releases of other features will appear in your UpBots before everyone else who is not staking.

More details on how to actually stake UBXT?

Lucky for you my lil croissant, I have got you covered. I already created an article just for that very purpose. You can check that one out here.

Need It Visual?

Need Additional Support?

We have lots of admins available in the main UpBots Chat group on Telegram. Come say hi or ask any questions you might have here

You can also check out our page dedicated to staking on our website



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