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There’s more new bots to meet!

If you thought one round of new trading bots was enough then think again! Another new set of trading bots have landed on UpBots!

This weekly wrap up will get you acquainted with some brand new faces in our algo rental section. We’re certain that they’d love to meet you too!

Plus…we’ve got some BIG news regarding a new breed of trading bot currently under development.

Loyal UpBots user, Zacs, shares his journey to becoming a trading bot user. See how his crypto trading adventure led him here.

DAO proposal UIP3 has passed and we’ve got some details on what that means for our users.

We’ve also started posting some new bot stats for you to check out! Each of these showcases the awesome profits all the new bots in our line up have been winning thus far.

Then to top it all off, there are new platform updates. So let’s dive in!

Welcome Wave Trader bots!

Get ready to see these new crypto trading beasts! These new bots were developed by Wave Trader and are now live on UpBots!

You’ll be able to trade SOL, BNB, ETH, and ETC crypto pairs with them and so far they’ve been pulling off quite an impressive performance.

If you’re just itching to start trading with these bots then come check them out on UpBots.

Introducing the amazing SuperBots!

SuperBots are here to save the day from all your DEX trading troubles! Our team has taken some of your favorite trading bots, cloned them, and turned them into decentralized trading superheroes!

Trading with the SuperBots will be as easy as pie with a similar process to when you’d trade with bots on UpBots.

Read more about the SuperBots here. Check out the SuperBots site (in progress) here.

My UpBots Journey: Zacs

Our latest edition of “My UpBots Journey” introduces you to Zacs, a follower of UpBots and an active bot user. Zacs describes his time trading cryptocurrency and the challenges he encountered.

When Zacs discovered the various lines of crypto trading bots on UpBots, he then found all the benefits he was missing out on. Read more about how trading bots have helped Zacs and what they can do for you here.

DAO proposal UIP3 has passed

A decision has been reached regarding UIP3 after UBXT holders in our DAO have voted on it. The proposal has passed in the first and final stage and now the team will work to implement the necessary changes.

These changes predominately pertain to rebalancing our staking pool rewards. You can read more on what this proposal details and what adjustments will be made in this article.

New bot stat posts!

Check out these new bot stat posts featuring the latest editions to our trading bot rentals!

Bot name Profits gained (in 6 months)

Gold Rush (BAT) +160%

Swing Sniper (ETH) +91%

Wave Trader (SOL) +466%

Platform Updates

Even more new bots are coming!

The waves of trading bots are not stopping at all! There are plans for some new bots to make their way into our rental selection.

Plans for another FTT bot are in the works, and for the other bot, we’ll give you a little hint: “bark bark.” ;)

More developments on these bots will be released soon.

Improvements for trading bots

Some adjustments and improvements are in the works for the trading history displayed for every bot. These updates will allow for the full history of all trades produced by a bot to be clearly shown.

Additionally, we’ll be adding the ability to view the total capital traded by each bot, based upon the latest trade produced. In the beginning, the total capital traded will only be visible for algo developers, but this may change in due time.

Keep close attention to more updates regarding these implementations.

New front ends on their way

After many hours of hard work, while paying close attention to detail, our front-end designs are nearing completion. Once they are deployed all users can check out the fresh new face of UpBots.

While there is still a bit more work to do it will all be worth it in the end. Keep in mind that these layouts were created by a former UI/UX lead from Paypal so you can definitely expect them to look great!

Hang tight and stay tuned for more updates as the release nears.

That’s it for this week! See ya again for the next!

And now a meme from our community…

Have a question regarding the UpBots platform or our algo bots? Come join our Discord server!

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