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UBXT Staking Is The Only Way To Algo Bot Access

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through HQ,
Algo Bots were getting polished, all shiny and new
Ready for some new users, perhaps even you
But only if you’re one of the UBXT Staker Crew…

That’s right folks, today we are excited to announce that sometime in the next 24 hours, we will be emailing every single sexy staker who has not as of yet received an unlock coupon code with their access to the Algo Bots.


Our scaling up, beta testing phase of the project went very well. We found and squashed a bunch of bugs. How many bugs you ask?

Well I would say less than you would find in a Cambodian brothel but more than you would find in your bedroom…unless you never clean your room like Brian, or live in a Cambodian brothel...

If you have not received your coupon code as of yet but you have UBXT staked on FTX **AND** you already connected your UpBots a/c to your FTX a/c via API key, then you will get it very soon so keep your eyes on your inbox.

If you have got your FTX a/c connected to your UpBots a/c already but you have not as of yet staked some UBXT over at FTX, then you will not be able to access the Algo Bots, which of course makes baby panda sad #fact.

So (not financial advice) if you would like some Christmas Algo Bot goodness in your life, and of course to save baby panda from crying…go stake some UBXT on FTX and we will email you an unlock coupon.

As always if you want to come shoot the breeze or ask about the UpBots project come hang out in our Telegram group here.

For more specific questions about specific features (how do I back test the OptimusBTC bot? What’s the difference between an algo and a bot? etc), then better to come hang out on Discord. Or if Discord is just your jam, then we’d love to have you.

And now, a community meme:



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Neil Sisson

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