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$UBXT Staking Program

Today I will be sharing with you the hot and sizzling details of our staking program.

These details speak to the UpBots part of the staking program; the mechanics, the rewards, etc. On Friday we will publish how you can participate, but today I can just add that it will be through FTX, which keeps it nice and simple if you want to buy some.

Now lets dive into the meaty specifics of this program which has been designed to reward our most loyal token holders, and to perhaps give those who have been passively following from the sidelines a reason to finally take the plunge and purchase some bags of UBXT, to participate in this FINTECH version of a vegans worst nightmare!

You stake your UBXT on FTX for as long as you want up until the end of the staking program. You can un-stake at any time but of course you will have to wait for the unlock period you chose to access your tokens and to this you will have two options: either 7 days or 30 days, both offering different advantages.

After submitting your stake, and selecting the desired plan, you can un-stake that amount at any time but of course you will have to wait for the unlock period you chose before you will be able to access your tokens.

When your tokens are staked you cannot access or use them for any other purposes, and during that time, you will enjoy the benefits linked to the staking plan of your choosing.

Your APR (APR is Annual Percentage Rate) will be distributed hourly, half unlocked and half being added to your locked amount.

The maximum cap you can stake is 1M UBXT and the minimum is 10,000 UBXT. The Max Pool size is 60Million UBXT.

Sounds big, but here’s the kicker : the staking program works on a first come first served basis, so don’t dilly dally or you may find yourself a Silly Sally, with no access to any juicy stakes.

In other words if you are too slow you may have to wait until someone wants to leave before you will have room to get in.

I think these are fairly well described in the diagram above but to give just a little more details:

Staking your UBXT automatically grants you a free subscription to UpBots for as long as your UBXT is staked.

You will also get 25% APR which is just a small 25x increase on the 1% APR saving rate that most European banks will give you for the privilege of taking care of your money.

Participants in the UpBots UBXT staking program will get early access to 3 Algo Bots to test the algo features of the UpBots platform. These algo bots will not be available to Joe Public until much later on and they will be activated to trade real capital on your account, should you wish to try them out. Exclusively available to Staking Program participants.

Other than APR this is the largest bonus for participation. However another bonus is early features releases and Ambassador status, should you wish to participate and become an UpBots Ambassador.

This staking program will be conducted through our exchange partner FTX.

In order to be fully compliant in the eyes of our regulator UpBots GmbH can have no access to or control over the tokens you stake. All of the actions of the program happen without or permission or consent and are governed by a set of rules over which UpBots has no control beyond initial specification.

If you wish to participate and earn some juicy stake rewards, then please go over to FTX.com and buy some UBXT. An amount between 10k and 1M UBXT tokens will do you nicely.

Then get ready for our updates on Friday and Monday, when we will be showing you exactly how to participate.

And in the meantime here’s a meme:



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