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UpBots Genesis — The Full Scoop

If you have already been following some of the other posts I’ve published here on our blog recently, you will be aware that we have launched something called UpBots Genesis.

You will also likely think this is about upgrading stuff, because of the improvements we’ve made to our Burn Program and Hold Program. And it is! But not only about upgrading stuff. There’s quite a lot more to it than that.

What is UpBots Genesis?

Genesis is an initiative we’ve launched to take UpBots and our community of loyal token holders through the transition from now until a little while after the full commercial release of the UpBots platform towards the end of 2020.

Not to be confused with the MVP demo version, our very first release, which we launched publicly last Friday.

UpBots Genesis has three main parts…

First — Content & Communications

We have for you a calendar of consistent announcements and content updates like this one. See the calendar at the top of this post. I will be opening more doors multiple times per week.

I recognise (that’s recognize for all y’all Americans) that time is compressed in crypto. 3 days in crypto is like a year in the normal world, and that if a project goes 4 days without some form of multi-channel update that people start to believe a project is dead.

Besides, transparency is a big part of the ethos here at UpBots HQ, so I will be keeping you as up to date as possible here on medium and across our social channels about all of:

  • the developments in development (platform progress, releases and news)
  • exciting new innovative DeFi and other partnerships that we are making every week to make the UpBots platform even more awesome (increasing token demand)
  • cool token related improvement updates (To quote U2’s famous song: “hold me, thrill me, burn me, stake me…”, or something like that…)
  • new exchange listings
  • some of our plans for the future
  • and much much more. Like, this one time at band camp…well, maybe next time for that one…

So far I’ve told you about our improved Hold Program, our Burn Program and in the coming days I will have the full data dump about our Staking Program.

Also I will be telling you about a new partnership, some cool on platform developments, the next CEX you will be able to connect your wallet to UpBots and more.

Second— Community, Ambassadors, and Feedback

We really want Genesis to be a two way street. Not just us telling you our community what is going on inside HQ but also with our constant updates being pushed out to the MVP Demo platform, that you tell us what you think about what you are seeing.

Between now and December there will be many many updates and we want to hear from you on what you like and do not like in there. Please join our Telegram group and tell us what you think. Your voice will be heard.

Oh and one last thing: Staking…

We will be launching a staking program in the next couple of days. However the key difference between our staking program and the above gif is we will have less beef, more APR and a similar amount of hotness.

The basic premise is that you will stake your tokens and then choose if you wish to unlock them with 7 days OR 30 days notice. The rewards for the latter option are higher of course.

You will earn APR for the time your tokens are locked up as well as a bunch of other benefits like priority access to new features or exclusive access to features only available to those participating in the staking program.

I will be updating you on the details of that in a separate post here on Medium in the coming days.

In the meantime you may wish to ask yourself if your tokens are ready for a good staking! There will be a limited opportunity to stake and it will work on a first come first served basis.

So stay tuned…and to avoid missing out jump into our TG group here



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