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UpBots Mobile App is NOW available!

“Hello Brian, Thanks to you for advising and pushing us to have an UpBots mobile application available to download on Google Play to increase adoption. As you know, we always listen your feedback”

UpBots motto is “Trade While You Live” and now with the UpBots mobile app, we’ve made it even easier to use trading bots while our users enjoy their lives!

About UpBots App

UpBots mobile app is built by our in-house team and targets to create a user-friendly application where one can easily access the platform and activate more than 25 crypto trading bots to beat HODLing in the long term.

Features available on UpBots Mobile App

In addition to activating trading bots and having the opportunity for passive income, the UpBots mobile app helps you to track your portfolio growth.

Now on your mobile phone, you can track your portfolio evolution, even when you are on spring break Brian, enjoy your holiday!”

On the mobile app, users can easily sign-up, connect their exchange wallets and activate any trading bots they want to follow.

In addition to this, users can Top-up UBXT for performance fees, manual trade on preferred exchange, yet have these features from one single access point.

How to start using trading bots on UpBots Mobile App

Step 1 — Download the UpBots App On Google Play* and sign-up/sign in to your UpBots account

Step 2 — Add a Crypto Exchange Account API to Mobile App

Step 3 — Visit Algo Bot Marketplace section and select the bot you want to follow

Step 4 — Configure & activate your bot

Step 5 — Top-up UBXT to your UpBots account for perf fees

* UpBots mobile app is now available on Google Play only but on Apple Store will be available soon

Algo Bot Marketplace

Each Algo bot is displayed in the Algo Bots section in the simplest and nice way for our users. You can see an overview of each Algo Bot, trading pair and its past performance.

Select the Algo Bot that appeals most from the grid to get more detailed information, historical trade data and to set the Algo up then trading bot can start investing for you.

You can activate and change the preferred algo bot to use the easiest way possible on UpBots Mobile App.

Portfolio Tracking Feature

Are you overwhelmed to keep track of your investments’ up-to-date status since you use a lot of different Centralized exchanges and DEXs? Then, UpBot’s portfolio tracking is the right tool for you to quickly check your portfolio status in under a minute.

Watch your portfolio evolution on a nicely implemented chart on UpBots’ portfolio tracking feature from one point of control — no matter where you are you are now able to quickly check on your investments. Now with UpBots Mobile app it is on your phone!

Check your Algo Bots Trading History

Check your bot history and performance on the go.Take the advantage of market movements while you live your life!

Manual Trade

Are you a bit of a strategist? Want to test your trading skills? You can do it easily using the app as well — no more waiting to execute your trades!

Features available ONLY on UpBots Desktop site

Due to the need for metamask or another hot wallet connection, some features are currently not available on the mobile app.

Staking and Vaults are then only available on desktop or by going through the Metamask or trustwallet browser.


Don’t hesitate and take our awesome mobile app for a spin -


Thank you for your constant support … and remember Brian, there’s so much more to come for UpBots!

Bottom note:

!!!Please be cautious about making sure to download only official apps to protect yourself from any fraud attempt!!!



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