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UpBots Version 2 Is LIVE!

After an incredible year of watching UpBots journey from a very successful IEO on FTX, through development milestone after milestone, watching UBXT soar to 10 cents and all the highs and lows of the last year’s market, we have now reached our 2nd major basecamp as we mark another milestone complete.

Today we are more jacked than a lion doing pull ups, to release into the wilds of the crypto Serengeti Version 2.0 (her friends call her v2) of the UpBots interface.

She is much fast, much beautiful, much features, and much user friendly. Cool!

V2 was built completely from the ground up by engineers in a “clean” lab where for months they coded wearing only hazmat suits, permitted only to consume cappuccino and kale, and where the only sights and sounds they were exposed to were videos of leopards and panthers running fast and growling.

To celebrate the launch of V2 we are giving away 50,000 UBXT and an exclusive NFT in a giveaway bonanza.

Brian, put the banana down, there are no tokens inside there.

To win the 50,000 UBXT or the NFT all you have to do is:

1 — Sign up for an UpBots account. It’s free and takes about 1 minute**.

2 — Connect at least one exchange account via API key

3 — RT the @Upbotscom version 2 launch tweet*

4 — Come join our community on Telegram or Discord*

** If you already have an account no need to sign up for a new one. You are eligible as long as you also have a connected exchange account.
* Honour system — we won’t be checking this but why not do your part to support the price of the tokens you might win ;-)

We are really excited to bring you an commercial platform interface design that we are incredibly proud of. Of course we intend to continue developing and evolving the platform until we reach perfection, but as of today we have a very solid foundation from which to build further on top of.

We will continue adding new features like social copy trading, the learning labs and many more trading bots and exchange integrations.

As well as speed and usability improvements we are also introducing UpBots Vaults in this new release. Here you will be able to stake your USDT in the vault Smart Contract and it will be used to automagically farm for the best rewards on single sided stable coin farms. A small percentage of the gains will be taken to buy UBXT back from the market increasing buy pressure on UBXT consistently.

And even though we are celebrating today the actual launch of V2, this is just the beginning.

We hope you will come join our Telegram or Discord communities to participate in the celebrations, giveaways, AMAs and everything else that will be going on over the next 3 weeks.

And of course why not go take V2 for a spin and see if you like her :-)



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Neil Sisson

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