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UpBots Weekly Wrap up: January 7, 2022

Welcome to 2022’s first episode of the weekly wrap up! We hope y’all will have a fantastic year!

We’ve had a great week working on a lot of important developments & we hope you’ve all had a fantastic week too! The UpBots community and user base is growing everyday, we are seeing a lot more exposure on social media as well!!

Here are the latest updates on the platform and advertising!

UBXT Burn: UpBots Company Income!

“We Let UBXT Burn”🔥

Hey Brian no need to call FireFighters! We fight against inflation!🦾

Our first annual UBXT Burn happened today from the share of UpBots company annual net income! Here is the proof of the burning transaction for 524,988 UBXT. As we continue to grow in users, we will continue to see more UBXT burned! Remember part of our tokenomics is our burning program, which is quite simple : More Bot users = More UBXT we burn!

UpBots Academy

We had a lovely article on UpBots Academy post this week where we talked about the special “Crypto Lingo”. Sometimes it is tough to understand what crypto experts are talking about when they use crypto lingo! . “You Lost in the lingo Brian? 👀” Check out our recent #UpbotsAcademy article and brush up on some crypto terms!

You can read our Crypto Lingo 101 article here: https://upbots.com/cryptolingo/

You can read all previous academy articles here : https://upbots.com/category/education/

New Bots in UpBots Town!

We have finished final testing of 3 new trading bots to join our current 25 bots in the town! “Upbots town population increasing Brian!”

Let us tell more about our new citizens that will move to UpBots town next week!

  • MATIC/USDT — new project pair on UpBots
  • BNB/USDT — an additional crew member to our BNB bots
  • TRX/USDT — newcomer to UpBots Town

UBXT Referral Program

Research says it works better than any other advertising 😎

Word-of-Mouth-Marketing 🔥 relies on the Community spreading the good word about the product they love ❤️ So… tell your Friends, and make sure they tell their Friends 😎

When your Friend signs up using your Unique Link — we’ll give BOTH of You 200 UBXT virtual credit 🤑 Make sure both of you verify your emails.

Our Referral Program is in Full Swing 🏌️

  • 200 $UBXT for You and Your Friend ✅
  • up to 10% of Your Friend’s Fees ✅
  • up to 2% of Your Friend’s Friend Fees ✅
  • Get your Unique Referral Link NOW 👉 here

How to activate trading bots on the platform?

Step 1 — Add a Crypto Exchange Account to UpBots

Step 2 — Select the bot you want to follow

Step 3 — Top-up UBXT to your UpBots account for perf fees

Step 4 — Configure & activate your bot

Step 5 — Enjoy your life while trading bots do their job

Check out more on trading bot performance and start your UpBots journey to having a nice stream of passive income!

UBXT Entering to Metaverse!

The native utility token of the UpBots.com platform UBXT will have another utility with SuperBots.finance and its metaverse game!

SuperBots, which will be live in the coming weeks, is being developed by the UpBots team. SuperBots is a platform for trading bots in Decentralized Finance. Along with being able to now trade in the de-fi world, there will also be a SuperBots game that investors can play with SuperBots NFT characters to save Botham or to destroy it! UBXT is going to be native utility token for both SuperBots.finance and its Metaverse game.

Christmas Giveaway

To Celebrate Christmas and New year we started a giveaway in the third week of December and on the very first day of 2002, We’ve selected our Christmas Giveaway Winner! 🎅

Congratulations to the winner🥳

Hope you had a good start for 2022! 🔥🚀


“Hey Brian, yes SuperBots is the Metaverse of Trading & Gaming. Stay Tuned for more information that will be released soon”

With the launch of SuperBots just around the corner, we will soon bring the power of algo trading to the world of DeFi! Make sure you stay on the lookout for more information on our twitter! Make sure to follow us !

Future Developments

Development is not something we stop, ever. We will continue to add more features these coming months to start 2022 and many more throughout the year. Here are some developments and products that will be launched in 2022. Stay tuned!

User Experience

  • Addition of pairs & bots
  • Mobile application
  • “My open deal” page
  • New “ubxt allocation system”
  • Trades visualisation
  • Add languages phase 1
  • Add languages phase 2
  • Leaderboard
  • Add several hot wallet app
  • Drag & Drop functions for trades
  • Algo Lab / backtesting — launch
  • Badges & Gamification


  • Fixed capital per trade vs %
  • Margin trading integration — Binance
  • “Close now” option on Algo bots
  • Margin trading integration — FTX
  • Margin trading integration — Kucoin
  • Bitfinex Exchange
  • Crypto.com Exchange
  • Coinbase Exchange
  • Composite Bots
  • Decentralized Funds
  • Risk Management tool


  • Multi-level UBXT staking
  • Launch of SuperBots v1

New Features

  • Bot creator
  • Manual trading feature improvement
  • Courses MarketPlace
  • Social copy trading
  • Tax report
  • Market Info page launch

The full roadmap is on our documentation, of course.

And that concludes our weekly wrap up for another week.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram or Discord please come say hi.



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