UpBots Weekly Wrap Up: SuperBots, Mobile App, Referral System and more

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5 min readDec 10, 2021


Friday is here once again and another week has passed in December. Today is the second Friday of December and it is time for the weekly wrap!

“What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the new year” — Vern McLellan

We’ve had a great week working on a lot of important developments. Hope you’ve all had a fantastic week too! The UpBots community and user base is growing everyday, we are seeing a lot more exposure on social media as well!!

Here are the latest updates on the platform and advertising!

Trading Bot Performances

With all the wrap ups, we love to keep you informed on our bot performances. Here are the top 6 trending right now. Let us know how your trades are going by tagging us on Twitter and using hashtag #TradeWhileYouLive


Here is the description of the proposal

  • Full withdrawal of liquidity provided by UpBots on Uniswap
  • 50% of removed LP will be added to UBXT-BUSD LP pool on Pancakeswap
  • 50% of removed LP will be relocated the liquidity on Centralized exchanges
  • Discontinuation of the UNI LP UBXT staking pool on ETH

UpBots Improvement Proposal #4 Voting Process

  1. A proposal of removing UBXT-ETH LP pool will be shared on Snapshot.org
  2. We will have wallet snapshots to determine how many UBXT a user has, this snapshot is going to take place between December 10, 2021 12:00 PM UTC and December 12, 2021 12:00 PM UTC
  3. Voting takes place until December 12, 2021 12:00 PM UTC
  4. If voting in favour of changes to be applied, then all changes will be pushed on December 13, 2021


We are glad to share that our IT team has finished the backend and frontend development of the UpBots mobile app. All we need now, are a couple of days to test it and make sure everything is working smoothly!

UpBots mobile app will have most of the features that are currently available on the desktop platform, at the moment staking will not be possible through the app, since in order to stake, users need to connect to metamask and as of right now, this is a challenge on mobile to do.

UBXT and Credit Cards

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently closed an agreement with the IndaCoin platform, which provides users the ability to purchase cryptocurrencies via Debit/Credit Cards. With this new partnership, we have made a big stride into allowing new users to onboard and have access to our algo bots! “It is time to grow even more Brian!” The IT team is now performing final tests to integrate UBXT purchasing with debit/credit cards on IndaCoin. This update will be live in the coming days and an official announcement will be made.

Sneak Peak of UpBots Referral System

Our IT team is finalizing their work on building out a two tiered referral program. This program will enable users to earn MORE UBXT for each user signed up through a unique ref link. The full details of the referral program will be announced once all tests are performed and it is integrated to the platform!

UpBots Academy

With the launch of Superbots on its way, we wanted to pount out several DeFi terms so that our community can be more knowledgeable about this up and coming space in crypto. We had a lovely article on UpBots Academy post this week where we talked about the DeFi, Yield farming, impermanent loss etc.

You can read our What is Defi artticle here:


You can read all previous academy articles here : https://upbots.com/category/education/

UBXT Burn Program on Binance Smart Chain

As we announced earlier this week, the performance fees system has now moved over to the Binance Smart Chain network, our burning program on ETH network was discontinued. Burning program on ETH Network ended and a total 269,880.47 UBXTs were burnt.

On Binance Smart Chain network so far an additional 45,457.52 UBXT have been burnt.

10K UBXT Giveaway

To celebrate UpBots the successful merger of performance fees, staking rewards from Performance fees and the UBXT Burning Program to Binance Smart Chain, last week we announced a 10K UBXT giveaway to a lucky winner. Winner will be selected today! Stay tuned to Twitter!

Platform Updates

Our IT team mainly worked on delivering Binance Smart Chain Phase 2 to our users, in order to begin to save users from high ETH gas fees! We also worked on multiple areas of the UI as well as making further progress on up and coming features. Here are some of the improvements we have made in the APP this week:

  • Mobile app UX UI adjustment
  • Referral front is ready and back is being implemented
  • Huobi trading will be ready soon
  • Started to work on an easier way to allocate UBXT to the bots
  • The new page my open trades is ready but need to be approved and tested
  • Superbots bots are being connected (front & back)


“Hey Brian, yes SuperBots is the Metaverse of Trading & Gaming. Stay Tuned for more information that will be released soon”

Exciting things to come

“Hey Brian you want more development?” Yup, we will never stop.

  • Margin/Future trading
  • Algo rental : fix capital allocation
  • “Algobots community” features
  • New exchanges for trading bots
  • Superbots beta
  • New languages option
  • Bot creator V1

The full roadmap is on our documentation, of course.

And that concludes our weekly wrap up for another week.

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This month we will include special Christmas photos for every weekly wrap-up! aaaand here we go! Enjoy!