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UpBots Xmas Wrap-up: 24 December 2021

Welcome to another episode of the UpBots weekly wrap up! We’ve had a fantastic week on the grind and hope you all did as well!

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” Ruth Carter Stapleton

The team has been working really hard on some exciting new things for our platform and for you, our amazing community. Are you excited to hear about them?

UBXT Christmas Giveaway

It’s Christmas time and no better way to be joyful and merry than to giveaway a lovely present! Head on over to our Twitter and make sure to enter the giveaway!

AMA with UpBots Algo Dev I-Robot

On Monday December 20, we hosted one of our precious algo developers, I-Robot. Community was very engaging during AMA which is always great to see! Shortly after the AMA we distributed rewards to support our community.

We’ve contacted 4 AMA participants! 🥳

Each was rewarded with a 2,500 UBXT prize!🔥


Reminder: UpBots Trading Bots Now Available on Huobi Global Exchange

Are you trading on Huobi? Don’t forget that we have now added the ability to use our bots on Huobi! In just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to go!

Wonder how to connect an UpBots trading bot to Huobi Exchange?

  1. Sign up for a free UpBots account
  2. Make sure you are you top up UBXT to cover performance fees
  3. Connect your Huobi Global account via API
  4. Find a bot that trades on Huobi and activate it

Update: UBXT Burn Program on Binance Smart Chain

Since we announced that the performance fees system moved over to the Binance Smart Chain network, the UBXT burning program on ETH network was discontinued. Burning program on ETH Network ended and a total 269,880.47 UBXTs were burnt.

On Binance Smart Chain network so far an additional 85,409.30 UBXT have been burnt. That means over 50% RAISE since last week. Lets keep Burning UBXTs. More BOT Users = more UBXT burned

UBXT Staking on UpBots Interface

Total UBXT staked on ETH network: 45,952,279.37 UBXT

Total UBXT staked on BSC network: 53,267,051.84 UBXT

On UpBots platform in two networks total 99,219,331.21 UBXT is staked. That means 24.65 % of the circulating supply is being locked on our platform for staking.

UBXT and Credit Cards

UBXT is now listed on Indacoin and can be purchased with your debit or credit card. In Indacoin you can also easily store your purchased crypto, exchange cryptocurrencies and withdraw to any external wallet as long as it is compatible with your chosen currency.

UpBots Academy

The worlds of NFT and Gaming connect! NFTs provide that extra fun factor but some real utility too! 😎 Wanna know more ? Get cozy and read all about it in our latest Academy article

You can read our What is an Nft article here: https://upbots.com/nfts-and-gaming-2/

You can read all previous academy articles here : https://upbots.com/category/education/

How to activate trading bots on the platform?

​​Step 1 — Add a Crypto Exchange Account to UpBots

Step 2 — Select the bot you want to follow

Step 3 — Configure & activate your bot

Step 4 — Top-up UBXT to your UpBots account for perf fees

Step 5 — Enjoy your life while trading bots do their job

Check out more on trading bot performance and start your UpBots journey to having a nice stream of passive income!

Sneak-Peak: My Trades Page

UBXT Entering to Metaverse!

The native utility token of the UpBots.com platform UBXT will have another utility with SuperBots.finance and its metaverse game!

SuperBots, which will be live in the coming weeks, is being developed by the UpBots team. SuperBots is a platform for trading bots in Decentralized Finance. Along with being able to now trade in the de-fi world, there will also be a SuperBots game that investors can play with SuperBots NFT characters to save the Bot city or to destroy it! UBXT is going to be native utility token for both SuperBots.finance and its Metaverse game.

Platform Updates

Here are some of the improvements we have made in the APP this week:

  • Referral system
  • Fixes on the trading engine
  • My open trade page
  • Dapp front for mobile
  • Automatic adblocker message for indacoin
  • Superbots testing for the bots + front improvement
  • Margin trading for algobots
  • Adding new bots


“Hey Brian, yes SuperBots is the Metaverse of Trading & Gaming. Stay Tuned for more information that will be released soon”

The full roadmap is on our documentation, of course.

And that concludes our weekly wrap up for another week.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram or Discord please come say hi.

This month we will include special Christmas photos for every weekly wrap-up! aaaand here we go! Enjoy!



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