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Upgraded: UpBots Hold Program

Last week I sent out an early access update on the changes to our Hold Program and introduced the idea of UpBots Genesis briefly in an update on our Telegram Chat Group. If you’re on Telegram, come say hi! 😉

However that was a mere morsel of flavor, an amuse-bouche if you will, to whet the appetite and also give a first look to our Telegram posse, which is the home of our chat HQ.

Today, the time for appetizers has passed!

It’s main course time and I hope you’re hungry!

So lets dive into the details of what the new hold program looks like, how those changes might impact things, and why you should care about any of that.

UpBots Hold Program v2.0

As you can see in the diagram above, our hold program is now available by locking up a USD equivalent amount of UBXT. Originally we had intended to run this as X number of tokens locked up but felt after community feedback and consideration that to do it this way created a better user experience.

Platform fees are paid in USD so having a USD amount felt more congruent.

The Benefits of Holding Explained!

Of course the main unpublished benefit of holding any token in any hold program, is the hope that as more tokens are bought, or allocated and held, that the value of said tokens will increase over time, so why not get some brucey bonuses while you wait?

For UpBots the token was designed so that every time a user signs up, the value of her subscription is automatically locked up by the smart contract. If she pays in FIAT an equivalent amount is locked.

So in simple terms, more users on the platform = less supply.

If you think about it, more users also means more demand for the token because more users means more performance fees that need to be paid, and more UBXT that is required to rent signals or buy training courses.

So in combination with our Burn Program and platform usage driving scarcity of supply, more people using the platform driving demand for tokens…well, lets just say you don’t need a degree in Economics to figure out what that chart might look like. (not financial advice!)

So other than a strong token economy, what additional reasons are there for locking up a chunk of tokens after joining the platform?

UBXT Profit Pool

We will ring fence 25% of the fee’s UpBots takes for performance on the platform and pool those fee’s, distributing the pool to Holders regularly.

VIP Zone Access

Each level of Holder will receive access to a VIP Zone for their level. Each zone unlocks access to more bonuses, such as The Ambassador Program which will give the holder early access to the platform and core project team. Master Trader status so you can earn performance fee’s from people copying your trades (subject to passing QA) is also accessible through the correct VIP zone.

Other bonuses include access to AI Bots, Market Making Bots and other expert tools. More details on this to follow…

UpBots Subscription Discount

Save up to 100% of your UpBots subscription through participating in the hold program.

Performance Fees Discount

Save between 10%-50% on performance fees

Ambassador Status

Everyone at all levels of participation in the Hold Program will have the option to join our Ambassadors group on Telegram and receive Ambassador status. This will entitle the person to not only get access to the core team and a voice in how the platform develops, but also to be the first to hear of new developments planned, AND early access to test drive new features and platform releases before anyone else.

In Conclusion:

So there you have the details of the revised Hold Program for UpBots. I will be releasing more specifics around the bonuses that are available in each of the levels of holding soon, but from an ethos point of view we will always endeavor to be equitable in how we divvy out new features and rewards for holding.

And of course everyone, at all levels of the Hold Program will have the access to be heard about changes to this and all other aspects of the project and platform.

So, we hope you will take advantage of the wins available through our new hold program, by buying some tokens and getting involved with the project.

Until next time…



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