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Watch that UBXT burn!🔥

Howdy everyone! It’s time again for another UpBots weekly wrap up before your weekend starts.

Just look at all that burning going on of our UBXT tokens! Isn’t it beautiful? With our performance fees now in full swing, our token burn has been making great progress and we’ve got the latest burn chart to show you.

There are various crypto trading bot marketplaces out there that algorithm devs host their strategies on. If you’re a dev looking to host an algo on a marketplace, then we’ve got an article on why UpBots has the fairest model out there for algo trading devs.

A DAO proposal has also progressed to the 2nd round discussion in our Discord server. Check out what this proposal is and see how you can contribute to the conversation if you wish.

We’ve also got some new bot stat posts from the week to share with you.

There’s all that and the latest platform updates. So let’s dive in.

UBXT burn progress

The UBXT token supply is continuing to be burned as our performance fees keep fueling our token burn. Check out the graph in the tweet below to see where it’s at right now.

Keep an eye on our channels to view more updates on the current UBXT supply as the burn continues.

How to earn the best revenue with your trading algos

Considering the amount of time and effort algo devs pour into their strategies, it’s only fair that they are properly compensated when they rent them out. Not all marketplaces have a payment model that is fair for devs who host strategies on their platform.

UpBots has aimed to change this with a model that works for all, through performance fees. If you are an algo dev, know one, or are just curious, then we highly recommend reading this article.

DAO proposal moves to 2nd stage discussion

The following DAO proposal has officially moved onto stage 2 discussions in our Discord server.

“Remove localized UpBots Telegram groups and just keep English support”

If you wish to join the discussion and give your point of view on the matter then jump into our Discord (linked below) and head to the #remove-local-tgdiscord-groups channel.

New bot stat posts

Ready to get to know some of the trading bots on UpBots? Here are the latest bot stat posts from the week:

Bot name — profit made

ETH Infinity — +180% in the past 6 months

Spooner ETH — +79% in the past 6 months

Spooner BTC — +19% in the past 3 months

Each bot is available right now for trading on UpBots!

Want to give a bot a try? Start trading with one here.

Platform Developments

Portfolio evolution compatibility with Binance US wallets

Portfolio evolution will soon have compatibility with the Binance US wallets. This will allow users to connect a wallet from this exchange and view data pertaining to the growth of their assets through our data dashboards.

We’ll have additional news soon on when portfolio evolution for Binance US wallets is ready.

Algo developer portals on the way

Algo developer portals are making progress in their testing phase and are looking good. This portal provides algo devs with a view of important stats and data pertaining to their hosted bots.

The portal is still undergoing testing and we’ll have more details on the release soon.

BSC network withdrawals

Users will soon have the ability to request a UBXT withdrawal on the BSC network. Requesting a withdrawal on BSC enables you to pay fewer fees when withdrawing your funds.

There will be more news on BSC withdrawals as progress continues with it.

My active trades page coming

The “My Active Trades” info page is also making its way onto the platform. This page will allow users to view all open trades by all activated bots in one place.

Having this page will benefit users by providing them with a complete overview of all the open trades the bots have made in a single place.

Bot trading limits being removed

The team is currently working to remove the previous trading limit placed on the bots since the demo phase. Before the bots could only trade at a limit of 2500 USDT but soon they’ll be able to trade at up to 50,000 USDT. This allows users to allocate an even greater amount of capital to the bots.

New font and dashboards coming soon

The new dashboard designs and fonts are still being implemented into the platform. These designs were created by a former Paypal UI/UX lead so they’re definitely going to look amazing.

Expect to see the new designs around the time of our full launch. More details regarding the development will come.

New exchanges being added for trading

We’ve got TWO new exchanges in the works to be added onto UpBots. Users will soon be able to start trading on the Binance US and OKEx exchanges.

Both trading bots and manual trade will be available for users who hook up a Binance US or OKEx exchange once the implementation is completed. Stay tuned for more news to come.

That’s all for this week! Catch you for the next one.

And now a meme from our community…

Have a question regarding the UpBots platform or our algo bots? Come join our Discord server!

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