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Weekly Update: Crypto swapping and trading algo dev recruiting

We’re kicking off the first weekly round-up of 2021 with some steaming hot updates! Brian put your shirt on…it’s not actually hot in here, yes it really is just you.

After coming back from the holiday break, the team pushed a brand new platform feature. If you’re into swapping crypto just as much as a Kim Jong Un swaps body doubles then you’re going to love our new decentralized swap!

The season of giving may be over for now, but we’ve got one last present for all you expert trading algorithm developers. When you rent out quality trading algos on UpBots, you’ll earn success fees each time they churn a profit!

Isn’t that just super-duper?

New platform feature: Crypto swaps

Decentralized crypto swaps are now live on our platform. All swaps are powered by DEX.ag and provide users with options across multiple DEXs including Uniswap, Bancor, Curve, SushiSwap, and many more.

The process is as straightforward as connecting your Metamask wallet, entering the swap pair you want, running an X Blaster search for the best deal, and then instantly swapping.

Easy - Peasy

Read more on our DEX swaps here.

Calling all Trading Algorithm Developers

Are you a trading algo developer who has a knack for creating profitable trading algos? Not a trading algo dev, but know a great one?

If so then read on to learn about UpBots success fees, aka how you’ll be able to afford a new lambo….or cybertruck or whatever…

We’ve laid out a win-win scenario for both pro and beginner traders. When traders rent out algos from our marketplace, algo developers earn a commission each time the traders earn a profit from the algo.

If you are looking for an additional revenue stream then we invite you to contact us for a chat on Telegram.

Find out more details on success fees and how you can apply to become a Master Trader (status required to supply algo’s for our bots) here.

Platform Updates

UBXT wallet integration approaching completion

The wait is nearly over for our UBXT wallet as it enters the final steps of integration. Users can store and access UBXT tokens in this wallet to pay for on-platform services, such as algo rental and educational courses.

Algo devs will also receive success fee payouts immediately deposited into their on-platform wallet. This also inches us closer to having a hold program, profit pools and most importantly our tokenomics kicking into overdrive.


The wait is nearly over and we’ll keep you all updated as things progress.

Manual trade basic in progress

Progress continues to be made on our manual trading feature. This will allow users to get in and out of positions in their connected exchange accounts quickly and easily.

There will be two types of manual trades, basic and advanced. Currently, the team is working on basic manual trading, which allows users to submit limit or market orders. This feature will be launched first followed by advanced trading shortly afterwards.

Being able to trade directly via UpBot’s trading engine is a big milestone for the project so there will be more updates about this soon.

More details on both trading types are still to come. Stay tuned to our socials and Telegram channel for updates.

Covalent integration on its way

The team has made great progress integrating the Covalent API into the platform. This integration will provide users with real-time data views of their wallet activity.

Once the integration is completed, users can access high definition dashboard views of all previous wallet activities, making record keeping a piece of cake. We’ll have more information next week as this feature nears completion.

Design improvements

UI improvements have been made for bot performance data display on mobile devices. Font adjustments were also made for the UBXT wallet.

And now a meme from our community…

Have a question about anything in this article, algo bots or the UpBots trading platform? Then come join our Discord server!

Want to receive the latest UpBots updates and news on platform developments? Check out our Telegram!




Trade your capital in Crypto Currency, DeFi solutions, Forex & Commodities, manually or with bots, through UpBots, the Swiss all-in-one trading eco-system.

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