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Weekly Updates: UBXT circulating supply, PancakeSwap tutorial, and FTX trading bots

Well hello there again fine community! We’re throwin’ the first weekly wrap up of March your way, faster than Thor’s hammer!

Are you familiar with the circulating supply of UBXT? If not then don’t worry! We have a full article about circulating supply to get you up to speed.

If you love pancakes then we have a reason why you should love them even more! PancakeSwap is a DEX on the Binance Smart Chain and we’ll be showing you how to contribute to its liquidity pools in a little tutorial!

Our algo trading bots also added FTX to their growing list of supported exchanges. Now UpBots users can start trading with the bots on FTX or Binance Spot.

We also have the full download on the statuses for our upcoming platform features. So sit back and let’s get this show on the road (No Brian we’re not stopping for a bathroom break).

UBXT circulating supply

Not only is understanding circulating supply essential when evaluating blockchain projects, but it also can help you further understand the UpBots ecosystem!

In our UBXT circulating supply article, you’ll become familiar with the concept of circulating supply and what it can tell you about a project’s tokenomics. You’ll also get an in-depth view of our UBXT token allocation.

Check out the full article here.

Tutorial: How to use PancakeSwap liquidity pools

They’re hot, they’re fluffy, and everyone loves them! Pancakes might be super delicious but the DEX, PancakeSwap, is quite different. This may shock you…but they don’t actually serve pancakes here.

But what they serve is also quite mouth watering! By becoming a liquidity provider (LP) on PancakeSwap you can reap some awesome crypto rewards!

Our latest tutorial takes you through the steps to get started. Check it out here!

FTX trading bots

FTX is now supported by our algo trading bots! Users can now hop into their UpBots accounts and start using the bots for FTX trades.

Check out our FTX trading bot article to learn how to get started with the FTX bots, why algo bots are awesome, and how this is a new opportunity for algo devs.

Platform Updates

FTX subaccounts can be linked to algo bots

As previously mentioned, FTX trading is now supported by algo trading bots on our platform. In addition to the support for this new exchange, users can also add FTX subaccounts to be managed by the bots.

Users can assign an FTX subaccount to a bot and have it track their balance as well as trade. The incorporation of subaccounts will allow users to manage several wallets under one main account.

There are numerous benefits to this, one example being that traders can test multiple strategies using different wallet/bot combinations on their UpBots account.

Manual trade limit order update

Our manual trade feature is now live for users to begin trading with. The team is working on implementing an update to allow limit orders to be canceled directly through the dashboard.

This update is currently in the testing phase and is on its way.

Performance fees system in development

The force that will power the UpBots ecosystem, our performance fees system, is in development. Performance fees are an essential property of the UpBots platform since they allow algo devs to be compensated for renting out their trading algorithms.

Our trading tools can also remain free since users will only need to pay a fee once an algo bot wins a profitable trade. Additional portions of collected perf fees will be distributed between UBXG profit pools, platform running costs, and token burning.

Further updates will be provided as the perf fee system development continues.

Dashboard layout redesign in the works

In addition to our awesome platform features, the UpBot’s interface is getting a little “facelift” to improve the look, feel, and usability of its design for our users.

Thanks to community feedback and test data, we’ve sketched out a design mock that our new UX/UI designer is currently working to implement.

We’re all super excited to see how the final product looks and feels.

And now a meme from our community…

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