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Weekly Wrap up: November 12, 2021

Another Intense week of work comes to a close here at UpBots HQ and so, it’s time for us to present our weekly update to you, our lovely community on what’s been happening here with the development of the UpBots Platform.

As you know we are heading to the finish line of yet another successful giveaway campaign! You still have some time, so find out how you can still win 10K $UBXT.

Win 10K UBXT

This past week was filled with exciting announcements, including the massive increase in platform sign ups, we also dropped a sneak-peek of the new domain we purchased for our upcoming project, lastly on Thursday Ben was live on Twitter Space for an AMA. Wow, what a week!


As you know we’ve been giving away some cool and unique UpBots NFTs over the past few weeks. Now it is time to add utility to those NFTs and while doing so make new ones! Since we are still working on this feature in the backend, currently all we can say is that a website domain is purchased! Stay tuned in for more information as we will begin to let you; our community, know exactly what is to come on upbots.nft over the coming weeks!

Twitter Space AMA with Africa Round-Up

UpBots is a global project, but at the core of everything we believe in; it is about community. This is why we also want to touch local communities and explain how they can begin to generate and create passive income opportunities for themselves. We know that Africa is an important part of the global crypto community, which is why Our CEO Ben and CMO Robert introduced the UpBots project and answered all questions that were gathered from the African community. Thanks to everyone who joined the AMA. “ Yes Brian, we know you were there”


“Hey Brian, I can hear that you are saying it’s a bird, it’s a plane, but no Brian no, it is Superbots!”

Good news to all community members! Our IT team is hustling on developing SuperBots. Backend and frontend. Head on over to Superbots.Finance and make sure you bookmark it for the launch!

UpBots Platform Users

We are excited to share that our UpBots platform has no over 11,000 signed up users! “Hey Brian glad to have you around still. I remember you were also here when we announced we had hit over 3000, thanks pal!”

We are always happy to serve our growing community with anything and everything they may need. However, with the rapid increase in the number of people actively using the platform, it caused some minor instabilities for the platform, which we mentioned this week. On a bright note, we are happy to announce that we’ve expanded our IT team and everyone working on it in order to provide a permanent solution in the coming days. You can read our announcement here.

Top Performing Bots

We’ve had a wild week in the market, Bitcoin and Eth both hit a new ATH! Did you catch the ride up with any of our bots? Let us know what bot you think will be the best performing one this coming week!


Telegram Invite Campaign

Telegram invite campaign is ending today midnight Paris Time, and all winners will be announced on Monday, there will be 3 winners that will receive 10K UBXT!

SuperBots will be a game changer, thus many improvements will continue to be rolled out on UpBots. You expect them, so we are working on them.

  • Margin/Future trading
  • Algo rental : fix capital allocation (uncompound)
  • “Algobots community” features
  • Deposit on BSC
  • New exchanges for trading bots
  • Superbots beta
  • New languages option
  • New market targeted and local community launch
  • “Buy UBXT with credit Card”
  • Telegram notifications
  • Bot creator V1

The full roadmap is on our documentation, of course.


And that concludes our weekly wrap up for another week.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram or Discord please come say hi.

And now…a meme from our community:



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