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Weekly Wrap up: V2 & 50,000 UBXT

Welcome to another episode of the UpBots weekly wrap up! We’ve had a fantastic week on the grind and hope you all did as well!

The team has been working really hard on some exciting new things for our platform and community. Earlier this week, our IT team started testing UBXT Binance Smart Chain deposits for performance fees. That means ultra-lower network transaction fees.

But the biggest news of the week is that on Wednesday we launched UpBots v2 for our users, with a Giveaway of 50,000 UBXT & and exclusive one of a kind NFT (which is still up for grabs!).

Nice work on the tinfoil party hats Brian!

New Bot Stats

Check out the latest performances of our most bad ass trading bots.

Bot name | % of 6 month profits

WaveTrader SOL — +488%

ETH Infinity — +215%

GoldRush BAT — +159%,

Does a 6 month ROI of 488% sound good?

Then you can start trading with them immediately on UpBots. AND by signing up for an account and connecting it to your favorite exchange you will automatically be entered into the draw for the 50,000 UBXT or NFT.

Version 2: A new look to UpBots

With new dashboards now implemented you will get a chance to experience the new style, speed and features of the UpBots interface.

After around 8 months of development and adding new features, we had always planned to completely re-build the front end of the UpBots platform again from the ground up. The new interface incorporates many suggestions from our community of users while also increasing speed, responsiveness and scalability.

We didn’t realise we would luck out and be able to work with a former lead designer for Paypal which we are very happy about because we think you will agree: it really paid off as a collaboration.

Since Wednesday we have had unanimously positive comments about how sweet UpBots now looks.

Feast your eyes on the sleek and sexiness of our new dashboard…

Images are kind of lame though compared with the real thing. Why not sign up for a free UpBots Trading Bots account right now?

Great traders always assess the potential downside of a trade, versus the potential upside. Smart traders take action only when the potential upside far outweighs the potential downside.

The upside here is you could win 50,000 UBXT or an NFT, as well as getting 1,000 UBXT as a free virtual credit on every single bot currently on UpBots (for the payment of performance fees, so you can try Trading Bots out completely without cost).

And the downside? Well you will have to spend just 1 minute signing up for an account.

Improved loading times

One of the main objectives with Version 2 was to make UpBots faster than a cheetah with its tail on fire. Of course it is impossible to test but we feel confident that were it possible to make UpBots any faster the cloud servers it’s sitting on would catch fire!

A Chance to win a unique UpBots NFT or 50000 UBXT

  • Sign up for an UpBots account. It’s free and takes about 1 minute**.
  • Connect at least one exchange account via API key
  • Share any v2 related @upbotscom tweet on Twitter

** If you already have an account no need to sign up for a new one. You are eligible as long as you also have a connected exchange account.

For More details please read our medium post here

$UBXT featured in CryptoDiffer’s Token Performance List

$UBXT was a top 10 performer in 2021 so far and the best has yet to come.

AMA with BeInCrypto

Our CEO Ben and Marketing Director Neil were AMA guests on October 6 with BeInCrypto; a highly engaged community on Telegram.

Exciting things to come

V2 really is the beginning of a new era for UpBots. Along with more improvements to the overall experience of the platform, we’ll be turning our attention back to bringing you more exciting new features like Social Copy Trading, training courses, Bot Creator and Algo Lab, as well as more exchanges, more trading bot algos, and more…

New trading bots

Our team has completed trading bots performance audits, and new trading bots are ready to be launched in the coming days!

USDT vaults

Great news about the USDT vaults! As we have completed a rigorous vaults’ audit process we can now happily report the vault smart contracts received excellent results. It’s confirmed the vaults are ready to be launched!

If you have not heard of it before, the UpBots stable coin vault will allow you to stake stable coins on BSC and earn passive UBXT rewards. This is a brand new yield farming/passive income opportunity for UpBots users.


SuperBots, is a new sister offering. Essentially SuperBots will be a decentralized trading bot platform where users can leverage the power of Bot Trading but in the Decentralised world.

This platform will also utilize UBXT, and will massively help the demand and buy pressure side of the UBXT tokenomics. Stay tuned for more information because this is going to be HUGE for token holders of UBXT.

And that concludes our weekly wrap up for another week.

If you haven’t already joined our Telegram or Discord please come say hi.

And now…a meme from our community:



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