Use your Insta360 photos to create a VR experience in seconds

This tutorial tells you how to create your own virtual tours using Vizor 360 and the Insta360 camera, for free!

So, you scored a brand new Insta360 camera! Good for you! Here’s an easy way to share your masterpieces with the world by using Vizor 360.

Connect the Insta360 ONE camera to your iPhone with the Lightning connector or with Bluetooth for remote photo shoots (a MicroSD card needs to be present in the camera).

Take a photo and download it to your phone with the Insta360 ONE App by clicking on the share button inthe image and selecting “Album”. This exports the image to the camera roll of your phone.

Choose the photo you want to upload, click on the share button and export to Album.

Now connect your phone to a computer with an USB cable. On the PC, enter the Apple iPhone Internal Storage -folder and find your photos. Copy them to a folder of your choice on your PC.

Photos copied to PC.

On the Macintosh, open the Image Capture app, pick your phone from the sidebar, select the images you wish to copy and export them to your folder of choice.

Photos copied from your iPhone, via Image Capture, to your Mac.

After copying the files to your computer, enter Vizor 360 and create an account to start uploading your 360 photos.

Drag and drop your photo into the editor and click Publish to share or embed it on any websites and social media. Add more photos and link them using the Scene Link -tool on the left. Add media hotspots with text and images with the Media Hotspot -tool.

Photo dropped into Vizor.

Enjoy! You can leave a comment with a link to your published Vizor 360 project in the comments below.

Use the Vizor 360 editor to create your own virtual tour.

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