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We hope you enjoy using upday’s Top News feature — our team of journalists scour the internet for the news you need to know, right now, everyday.

But there’s more to upday than Top News. Our My News section is powered by a ‘smart’ algorithm that works with your interests to surface news that it thinks will matter to you.

Here’s some of our most popular My News stories this week (1–5 August)

The so-called Islamic State aren’t the biggest fans of the British way of life, it has to be said. This story from The Mirror explains why.

Perhaps a little unsurprising, but My News users went crazy for the launch of Samsung’s latest smartphone. Tech Insider’s ‘best things’ article was a popular read.

Called “Dragon Hole”, this sinkhole plummets to a depth of around 300m and is the deepest of its kind yet found. Don’t drop your jet ski keys down there.

This whole concept is problematic to say the least, but that didn’t stop the curiosity of our readers. An Ejacu-latte, anyone?

Luke Aikins leapt from a perfectly good aircraft without a parachute and fell 25,000 feet (7.5km) to land in a giant net. And didn’t die. Of course people wanted to watch this amazing feat — hence it featuring here.

Have these stories whetted your appetite for My News? To get the most out of it, select ‘more’ in the top right of the home screen, then click on ‘My Interests’ to customise your feed.

Words: Tom McArthur

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Originally published at on August 5, 2016.

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