Team Android FTW: upday UK’s tech recap

It’s a good week to be on Team Android.

Android O(reo) was the flavour of the week. Image: Getty

Samsung users are in for a treat – a beast of a phone is on its way, and the new operating system is the Oreo on top.

Note 8

First things first, LOOK at this beaut 😍

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: other smartphones are available 👀

Samsung has announced its Galaxy Note 8 and according to Wired, “this is Samsung’s most impressive device ever”. It has a new dual-lens camera system, animated messaging feature, ability to split screen and an iris scanner. Plus 6 gigs of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage. And of course, your trusty news app, upday.

📆 Galaxy Note 8 hits stores on 15 September.

Android Oreo

Google has taken the wraps off Android Oreo, but it might be a while before us Samsung owners can bite in.

Google made the announcement during a live stream that coincided with the solar eclipse.

GIF by Sean Hollister of CNET

As the operating system starts rolling out, users will be treated to several subtle but useful new features: the ability to minimise an app in the corner of the screen, open apps directly from a web browser with no installation required, and (most excitingly) new types of emoji.

Happy Birthday Hashtag 🎈

From the frivolous to the serious, the hashtag has impacted how we communicate and changed our digital culture forever. This week, Twitter is celebrated 10 years of the #hashtag.

Killer Robots

Billionaire tech boss Elon Musk joined 100 other industry leaders to warn us that “killer robots” could become the next weapons of terror. In an open letter published this week, the authors of the letter warned the UN: “Once this Pandora’s box is opened, it’ll be hard to close.”

Even though the letter doesn’t explicitly call for on the rise of the machines, that’s one of the suggestions made. Wired argues that trying to ban killer robots completely is a “waste of time”.

Space Suit

In more Elon Musk news, the SpaceX boss posted this photo of their official space suit.

Musk acknowledges it was “incredibly hard” to balance the suit’s look and its function. Although upday’s style police will give this one high marks.

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