US v North Korea: Will there be war?

Nah — we’re gonna be fine (…I think😕)

No laughing matter — nuclear war wouldn’t be much fun. 📷 :Getty Images

The escalating verbal exchanges between the stubborn and unpredictable leaders of North Korea and the US has some of us wondering: will they actually start a war?

At this stage, it’s unlikely, due to many reasons. But first, let’s back and up and discuss how we got here.

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Flexing their muscles

Earlier this year, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said his country was in the final stages of developing long-range guided missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. And last month, Pyongyang tested said long-range missiles by firing them into the Sea of Japan. Some experts claim these missiles could potentially reach Alaska.

On the other side of the Pacific, Donald Trump flexed his (figurative) muscles. And thus ensued a war of words. Back and forth.

“Fire and fury”

Then this Monday, North Korea issued a clear warning to US: if you attack us, we’ll respond with nukes.

President Trump’s response to this was another world-class, OTT threat.

Many took the president’s warning seriously. Others almost held him accountable to take action if North Korea piped up again.

And then, lo and behold, North Korea made another threat and said it planned to strike around US Pacific island of Guam.

So, does this mean war? Will Trump stay true to his promise? Should we panic?!

Keep Calm and Read On

Nearly every reliable source thinks otherwise. Here are two of them:

There are many reasons to believe the Guam remark won’t lead to a full-blown retaliation from the US, not the least of which is that Donald Trump made his “fire and fury” threat WHILE ON HOLIDAY IN NEW JERSEY!

As the Guardian points out, even Kim Jong-un doesn’t want a war. He does, however, want to establish his legitimacy as a nuclear power. So he’ll take this back-and-forth blustering as far as he can.

“Western media underestimates how sensible North Korea is,” says Jangho Kwon, a correspondent for Arirang TV in South Korea. “They’re not weird. But they’re dark and stubborn.”

Kwon says it’s business as usual in the region, and if anything, “South Koreans might be less likely to go to Guam on holiday now.” Which, by the way, is a beautiful place.

Anyways. Even US secretary of state Rex Tillerson dismissed the possibility of aggression by saying, “Americans should sleep well at night”.

So, there you have it. Once again, it looks like a case of two erratic bullies standing on the opposite ends of a playground, yelling at each other.

Sleep tight, world!

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