Day #2 — Short Term Profits vs Lifetime Value

The Gap. Credits to

Sometimes, no matter what you say, the client’s math is better than yours.

The funnel we use is based on an old marketing idea — acquire clients at a reduce price, even if you only break even on the first transaction.

That’s based on the idea you can bring them back. But sometimes, maybe even the clients don’t trust themselves in it. So they strive to make the most profit in the first transaction.

And, oh boye, do they lose…

That’s frustrating, becomes it prevents them from making business with you. Because they seem to be at a loss if they do business in that way.

There will always be random troubles that appear, the most frequent being not that people don’t want to collaborate.

It’s just… life gets in the way. Timing is a bitch, the universe doesn’t care.

After all, this is what the great stoic, Marcus Aurelius try to teach me: to have the same attitude in both victory and defeat. But goddamn it, pursuing a real warm lead that then forgets to answer emails about a call.

That shit gets to you.


In the end, this is the roller coaster life of an “entrepreneur”. God, I hate when people boast with self-imposed titles.

Really now… when are you a CEO? After the first million? After you just made the company? When you have an idea?

If you have an idea, please let me know, would love to know, so I know when to upgrade my Facebook description. Chicks will digg it…

Day #2 Stats:

Hours worked: barely 7, wasted lots to redesign the website.

Active leads: 2, one of them aging me prematurely

Emails sent: not a lot, only a few customized. Bulks seem to evade me.