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The Easter holidays are truly one of the more peaceful times of the year. Unlike Christmas, you don’t experience the frantic crowds of people at the shops or feeling guilty for not having sent every close friend a card expressing your love. The only difficult choice you have to make is whether you’ll opt for chocolate or raisin hot cross buns.

Easter is much more simple and gives us a rare opportunity in our busy lives to be present and spend quality time with family or close loved ones. …

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The 21st century is a fabulous time to be alive (ignoring the pandemic, that is). You can order whatever you want, whenever you want it and it’ll be on your doorstep or in your downloads folder with the click of a finger. You don’t even have to click your finger, you can just ask your smart speaker to order it for you.

Huge leaps in technology have made this planet safer, easier, and more comfortable to live in than any time previously.

But here’s the kicker.

Many of the behaviours we’ve been led to believe are good, are actually unsustainable…

Explore different cuisines this holiday season

December and early January are times for traditions but the holiday season is also perfect for experimenting with new recipes. We all grow up with the festive recipes in our families and cultures but it’s fascinating to look outside those tried-and-tested favourites to find even more glory.

The festive period has lots of similarities across the world. Roasting meat is a particular commonality although fish is also heavily emphasised in many nations. Earthy vegetables take a leading role during this time too, especially in northern hemisphere nations where warmth and cosiness are prioritised.

No matter which country you’re eating in…

Reassessing the way we buy food and choosing budget-friendly options

You might opt for the cheaper products in the supermarket but have you ever stopped to really think about how you spend on food? Have you ever thought that perhaps ‘cheap’ doesn’t always mean ‘cost-effective’ or even ‘responsible’?

The reset brought on by Covid-19

Global history has been marred by recessions but nothing in memory comes close to the worldwide economic and health shock of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Suddenly, not only is our health at risk, but our livelihoods and access to basic necessities such as food are too. …

Could regenerating the earth’s topsoil reverse climate change?

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It’s easy to spend an awful lot of our lives with our heads buried in the sand. We think that everything is, broadly, fine. The news rains down tales of disaster and woe but we get fatigued — sure, bad stuff happens, what’s new?

Most of us have experienced the overwhelming nature of COVID-19 because it affects each and every one of us. And not much does. But, by and large, we only have so much mental space for Huge Issues. It’s understandable that we try to ignore them as much as possible. …

It’s a fallacy that we need pesticides to grow food for the world

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Have you ever got to the supermarket with the intention of buying organic, only to baulk at the extra price and opt for conventional produce instead?

It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

The problem is though, the way non-organic produce is grown throws up serious issues. Not only are pesticides cocktails of toxins, untested in combination, but the methods conventional agriculture uses are destroying environments and soils.

In fact, in the US, topsoil (where the overwhelming majority of crops are grown), is disappearing 10 times faster than it’s being replaced. …

A flourishing wine region created in the blink of an eye

McLaren Vale wine region, South Australia

In one of the nine Great Wine Capitals of the World, the McLaren Vale region is renowned for its exquisite grapes. Lying between the St. Vincent Gulf coastline and the foothills of the Mount Lofty Ranges in South Australia, the vineyards here lie in fertile soils, lapping up the Mediterranean climate.

While its location and reputation are on the grand side, McLaren Vale has another impressive string to its bow. It has the highest amount of certified organic vineyards in Australia, including the fantastic Angove Family Winemakers.

With a culture of organic processes as well as a dedication to biodynamic…

These are the farmers changing the world one veg box at a time

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UpHarvest strives to build a community of organic farmers and consumers who all have the same goal: enjoy ethically-produced food and build a sustainable world.

When sustainable businesses strike out by themselves, they can feel uncomfortably lonely. Many organic farmers have found themselves wondering if their principles are strong enough to bring in the customers needed to keep going.

At UpHarvest, we’re thrilled to say that if you support organic farming, as a farmer or a consumer (or both!), you’re not alone. And we have a host of fantastic organic farms in our community to prove it.

Meet the farmers changing the world

Organic farmers are…

These insta-ready dishes aren’t just for social media

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You don’t have to follow a foodie on Instagram to have come across an artfully-shot Buddha bowl. Rainbow-coloured and deeply wholesome, these trendy dishes are all over the place.

The thing is, the mighty Buddha bowl isn’t a passing fad. It’s not the latest diet hack or gimmick. Instead, this colourful bowl is simply a well-balanced, plant-based meal that just so happens to be exceptionally photogenic.

If you’ve ever flirted with the idea of making a Buddha bowl, you don’t have to get lost in the endless scroll to find inspiration. …

Work in an environment that never gets boring

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There’s no such thing as a typical farm experience and that’s partly why volunteering in this sector is such an enjoyable activity.

Would you like the chance to:

  • Learn about sustainable farming methods?
  • Look after animals and see how ethical farms keep their creatures happy?
  • Get your hands dirty whilst making a real difference?
  • Eat fresh, organic, farm-grown food each night?

When you volunteer on a farm, something clicks.

No matter how much you read about sustainable farming and eating whole foods, there’s something about being a part of the actual process that makes it all real. …

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