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A Roadmap for Property Development and Upland-Run Businesses


Welcome to Genesis Week! The next few days are all about celebrating our beginnings. What better way to do that than unveiling the beginnings of land development and business operations in Upland? What follows below is a roadmap for making this a reality, as we build an incredible open market economy together. A merging of the real and digital worlds where participants can create and extract real value. A metaverse like no other.

Let’s dive in.

Developing Your Property

Building Characteristics

Visual Instance
All buildings (and other add-ons) in Upland will be implemented in 3D. The 3D structures in Upland will become visible on the map starting at a certain zoom level. Structures that serve special purposes (see below: e.g. businesses, etc.) will be represented by pins on the map when zoomed out.

When developing a property, you will initially have several classes of buildings to choose from, depending on the region of the city.

Each building class will have several possible sizes, determining the parcels it can potentially fit with as well as the functionality that it can serve. The size of the building will also determine its cost of construction and the time required to complete it.

Positioning With the Property Editor

A structure can only be built within the confines of a single property (future functionality may allow merging properties, however, this will not be available immediately). The position of the building within the property will be determined by the owner, provided that the 3D structure fits in the property with the required margins, through an editing interface that will be integrated into Upland. Once a tethered structure has been positioned and built, it can not be moved (though it can be demolished).

To hasten feature delivery, buildings may at first be tethered to the center of the property and allowed to be edited once by the owner when the Properties Editor is rolled out.

Required Resources

Building a structure on a property will require both UPX and time. While costs of construction will remain constant within parts of the same city, they may vary between different countries, counties, and cities.

Property Decor

Additions to your property may include supplemental items such as gardens, courts, trees, or sculptures.

Buildings and the Property NFT

Buildings in Upland are tethered to the property on which they are built. This means that buildings can not be traded on their own, and trading of properties will include any buildings that have been built on it. The buildings and their association with the properties will still be fully notarized on the blockchain, and the owner will have the option to demolish them (and burn from the blockchain) if they choose to do so.

Developing Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood in the city will have a development rating: a score given to a neighborhood that is based on a combination of the number of developed properties and their quality (elements that affect the quality of development include size, residents associated, supplemental items, number of businesses, and so on). Once a neighborhood has reached a certain development rating, it will automatically spawn a collection for that neighborhood (if one does not yet exist) and further advancement in the development rating will lead to an increase in the collection boost. For newly spawned neighborhood collections, elements such as level, one-time reward, and earnings boost will be automatically determined by a combination of market value and total availability of properties in the neighborhood.

Residential Designation

Once construction of a building is complete it can be used by default for residential purposes. Players can either use it for their own residence, or lease out to other Uplanders.

Primary Home Address

Each Uplander will be able to designate a single residential address as their primary home address at any given point. Designating a home address will carry numerous benefits such as supporting neighborhood development rating, participating in upcoming votable resolutions in the city, and more. While the primary home address will be unique per Uplander, more than one residential structure may be utilized by a single Uplander for future functional purposes.

Business Designation

A fully constructed residential building can be designated for business use when a business license is applied to it (a business license can be either owned or leased). The type of business license, together with the available facade modifications, will determine the final appearance of the building.

City Hall and Business Licences

City hall will be the first constructed building in Upland (owned by the community) and will be designated as a marketplace for the city’s business licenses.

Each type of Business License will be implemented as an SFT (Semi Fungible Token) with limited occurrences per locale (city or county), which Pro-Level Uplanders (i.e. Uplanders that have achieved a net worth of 100,000 UPX or higher) can own for their personal use or lease out to other Uplanders.

Business Types

While the potential for businesses in Upland is unlimited, especially when envisioning the introduction of third party development, Upland will start out with a limited number of business types that can be operated, with the initial focus on an even narrower set (comprising Block Explorer Shops, Cafés, Realty Agencies and Arcades).

Each new business type that will be launched will start with the minimal functionality that will justify its operations and will continue being developed as traction and usage by Uplanders grows.

In the case of all business types — the size of the building to which the business license has been applied will determine different restrictions of business operations.

Block Explorer Shop
Set up a Block Explorer gallery (each Block Explorer issued as an SFT on the blockchain) that players can purchase for UPX, or resell for an UPX fee. Explorers can be either purchased directly from Upland by the business owner or uploaded after having been approved by the Upland team.

Cafés are going to offer means for players to connect inside Upland in small and manageable groups with a live chat room in the center of the experience. Owners of the cafe will be able to moderate and appoint other moderators, manage rules for allowing participation and offer virtual gift-items to be purchased and exchanged among patrons.

Realty Agency
Realty agencies will offer Uplanders advertising services such as advanced listings for property sales and residential properties for rent. Realty agencies will also offer advanced trading options such as creating property bundles for sale in a single transaction and selling complete collections.

Arcades will offer players the opportunity to play casual games for a score, and compete in tournaments for UPX. At the first phase, the pinata practice game (including some further game mechanic improvements) will be available only in arcades, as a larger variety of arcade game types are introduced.


Nursery owners will be able to grow and sell plants, trees, and gardens to other players in Upland. Plants and trees in Upland will have an evolution cycle that spans time. Once planted outside of a nursery, these items will not be able to be moved to a different location.

Upland Merchandise Store
Owners of Upland merchandise stores will be able to maintain an inventory and sell Upland merchandise to other players. Legit Upland merchandise will not be available for purchase anywhere else but inside of Upland, and the physical merchandise will be delivered in the real world. Some of the merchandise will be made available in limited runs and tokenized, offering the customer the option to stow the physical merchandise in Upland escrow while still being able to trade the token of ownership.

Bank owners in Upland will be able to give out interest-carrying mortgages to other players based on property escrow services provided by Upland. Other types of financial services will follow suit.

Pinata Treasure Store
Using Pinata Treasure Stores, Uplanders will be able to buy a pinata, load it with UPX and hide it in any Upland property, waiting for discovery (live-event style). This will enable Uplanders to run their self-sponsored treasure hunt event. (Restrictions may apply to conform with Upland ToS)

Car Dealership
While traveling via plane or train between cities is available in Upland, some Uplanders may choose to do so in style, via their own vehicles. Cars will be implemented as NFTs in Upland and available for purchase in car dealerships. Cars will also require operational fees for travel and have a finite amount of distance that they can travel.

Once real-world car brands are integrated into Upland, the Car Dealership will also be able to offer limited-run branded cars and perhaps even tokenized old-timers with their replicas in-game.

NFT Gallery
One of Upland’s special super-powers is the way it makes blockchain and NFT technology effortlessly accessible to mass markets. That means that NFT owners can potentially use Upland to gain access to a customer audience that’s beyond their reach elsewhere. While there are numerous reasons for why Upland is built on the EOS blockchain, a big part of the NFT market is found on other blockchains such as Ethereum. This is why Upland will offer an innovative service that would allow Uplanders to bring NFTs from other blockchains into Upland via an escrow service, and offer them for sale to other Uplanders. At any point in time, the owner of that NFT in Upland will be able to pull the NFT back to the blockchain of origin. (This service will be introduced after compliance with US regulation has been cleared).


We have already done significant work conceiving, designing, and executing on the building blocks of Property Development and Upland-Based Businesses and this roadmap marks our official launch of these efforts. Uplanders can expect to see some initial results implemented already in 2020.

Like all features in Upland, this roadmap will be delivered in small bursts. And similar to other features that tie to the core of the Upland economy — initial releases will be measured, carefully monitored, and tweaked as required.

While the initial focus of land development is largely scripted, with rich functionality in mind, later stages will include features that enable creativity and self-expression, and when combined with the prospect of opening to 3rd party developers, the sky’s the limit.




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