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Jan 28 · 5 min read

It’s only one month into 2020 and we have already done so much 🎉📈. That’s one of the main benefits of working with an agile development approach (translation: we prioritize flexibility, adaptability and embracing change over plans written in stone and tunnel vision). Another benefit is that you’ll get our next big release, Mojito 🍹, sooner rather than later. Which is why we wanted to give you a little preview of what’s been cooking behind the scenes 👨🏻‍🍳.

You’re already familiar with our roadmap — U2020 — so here are the features that are likely to make the coming release:

Treasure Hunts

An important part of the game element in Upland is exploring properties, scrolling around and looking for those low-cost, high value and/or high impact opportunities. This means that a good portion of your time is spent browsing the map. The treasure hunts will give you another element of gameplay in a similar fashion.

Mojito will initially feature two types of treasures, with more to come in the future:

  • 🤴🏻Treasure Boxes: for you pirate llamas — chests that hold a static value of loot.
  • 🦄 Pinatas: exactly what you’re picturing — a doll that you can poke and prod to release those shiny UPX coins.

They’ll launch with two levels, each representing a range of UPX. One treasure of each level exists in a city at any given time and there will be a charging time before they respawn elsewhere in the city. Future cities will each have their own system governing treasures (number, levels, awards, charging times, etc).

This is how it’s going to work:

If you have a look at the mockup below, you’ll see that minted properties will have a new “treasure” button in the property details menu. Clicking that button will give you hints in the form of arrows, signalling in which direction the treasures lie and how close they may be. BUT, your explorer has to be in range for you to get those hints. A good idea may be to hop between your own properties, check the hints, and see if you’re getting warmer or colder. Otherwise, maybe pay a send fee to hop to someone else’s properties if you’re red hot. Once your explorer is in range of the treasure itself, it will reveal itself to you. All you have to do then is click on it.

Treasures are programmed to spawn on UP², which means the bigger your property and/or the more property you own, the higher the chance that it will spawn on one of yours. This is one instance where having more properties, either as free teleport points or potential landing pads for treasures, will give you a step up.

Arr! 🦙

🗼Collecting Sends and Send-to-Property Fees

Another feature that will help you on both your treasure hunting and property sniping quests is additional Sends (with a capital ‘S’). Sends are an additional type of item you’ll be able to collect on the map and they provide additional opportunities to transport your Block Explorer to minted properties (currently you are limited to 3 times every 24 hours).

And since sending will become much more frequent, we’ll also let you determine the Send-To fees of your owned properties. Within reason, of course!

♟ Live Events

When you play Upland will start to matter just like how you play Upland. Live Events will be special in-game activities that are time-limited. For example, maybe we’ll have a treasure hunt that depends on you solving a riddle (by yourself, or together as a community of players). Maybe we’ll find new ways of utilizing our game’s dynamics, like playing tag with the Block Explorers. We’ve got some interesting ideas.

🚀 Referral Program

Yes yes, you asked for it and we heard you loud and clear (don’t you know that llamas are always listening?). The referral program will be so easy to use there will be no reason not to. You send a simple link, customized for you, to invite someone to play our game. If they use it to sign up, we’ll reward both of you with a bonus, based on the new player’s first purchase, once they receive Uplander status.

2️⃣ Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Once Mojito rolls out, 2FA will be mandatory for all new Uplanders (players upgrading to Uplander status for the first time). This is necessary to ensure players’ security as well as prevent abuse through multiple accounts. 2FA will not be mandatory for already registered players. However, if you want that extra level of security, your options will be:

  • Off (no 2FA)
  • Upon the first transaction of your gaming session
  • Always (at the start of each gaming session)

🌆 Reverse Collection Discovery

Another important element of gameplay is clicking on a property’s Boosted Earnings range to see what collections it can fit into. Mojito takes this one step further. You’ll be able to view a collection — and see what properties fit into it.

🏘 Toggle Neighborhoods and Points of Interest (POIs)

Ask and ye’ shall receive! This is another feature greatly requested by our Upland Community. We expect that with Mojito, you’ll be able to toggle neighborhood borders to easily understand where a property sits and also toggle various POIs that may have use in the future.


A virtual property trading game powered by blockchain


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Upland is a new property trading game, powered by blockchain technology. Join the revolution at Upland.me 🏠🌎



A virtual property trading game powered by blockchain

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