Announcing: Upland Contributor Network 🛰

Jun 11, 2020 · 4 min read

Upland is a world in and of itself. It has its own market and its own economy, composed of real people. As it continues to develop, this world will only become more detailed, with additional features and complexity. Sometimes, like in real life, it takes more than a few sets of hands to make that complexity accessible to everyone.

Luckily for us, our community of Uplanders is filled with would-be authors, publishers, streamers, designers, and even entrepreneurial minds who produce their own content, creations, and business ideas. Some of them do so to help newcomers while others create materials simply because they love discussing their achievements and strategies. There are also Uplanders who spark creativity and would just enjoy seeing their ideas integrated into the game.

We want to promote and reward this type of participation in our community, which is why today we are glad to announce: the Upland Contributor Network (UCN).

UCN will be a hand-selected network. It will involve an application and vetting process to ensure certain quality requirements are met. We plan to have contributors from many kinds of categories, with the first program being “Broadcasters”.

Broadcasters 🎙

Most players are already familiar with our Medium blog and Twitter profile, kept up to date with all of the latest happenings. But the truth is that there is no one, single media channel that could cover everything that happens in Upland. There are just too many bright and creative players with too many new ideas for that and that’s where Broadcasters come in.

Broadcasters are Uplanders who are creating content: articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. You name it! These contributors do an excellent job of accomplishing several goals that attract new Uplanders and encourage them to stay. Those include:

  1. Informing new players and providing content such as walkthroughs, tutorials, tips, and general news.
  2. Spreading the word internationally, with localized or other interested communities.
  3. Making Upland more fun for example via unofficial competitions or by interviewing Uplanders.

If you are ‘publishing’ content that has to do with and/or promotes Upland (in any language), you are likely eligible to join this program. As a Broadcaster you can deliver and publish content on 3rd party channels like YouTube, Medium, Publish0x, and other approved platforms, and in return, Upland will reward you with UPX, recognition such as tweeting about your content, and other goodies.

Here’s how it works in detail:

  • First and foremost: we are pursuing a high-quality broadcasting standard. You are eligible when your content is well researched and expressed, provides good audio, and video quality plus any other characteristic that will support your audience to enjoy your work.
  • Interested Uplanders need to complete an approval process which will include providing 2–3 previously published pieces of content. These can be about Upland (though that’s not a must).
  • Approved Broadcasters will need to disclose their real-world identity to the Upland team.
  • Broadcasters will continue to receive their standard referral bonus (currently 50% UPX bonus of referred user’s first purchase) plus an additional UPX reward paid quarterly.
  • Approved Broadcasters will not need Upland’s approval for every content piece they wish to publish.
  • Broadcasters will receive an acknowledgment in their Upland profile.
  • Broadcasters will get access to creative Upland assets that they can use within their content pieces.
  • Upland will need to approve the name and tagline of a Broadcaster’s channel
  • Broadcasters will receive a customized referral link
  • Broadcasters will have to add a disclaimer on their site that Uplandme, Inc. is not responsible for any content or any other public communication made by a Broadcaster
  • Broadcasters may get early access or information about new features and events in Upland (as long as it doesn’t give them an advantage in the game).
  • From time to time Broadcasters will have the opportunity to involve Upland’s team members in their content pieces.
  • Both the Broadcaster and Upland can terminate their UCN agreement at any time
  • Broadcasters who have not published at least one piece of content within a month will be suspended from the program pending review.

** At Upland’s discretion and from time to time, additional rewards may be distributed for noticeable engagement (views, positive comments, likes, claps, retweets, etc). This reward serves the purpose that a broadcaster receives recognition for the work done addressing existing (loyal) Uplanders.

How to Apply

If you plan to or are already producing content related to Upland and wish to apply for the Upland Contributor Network, follow this link. Please provide some information about the content you wish to produce, distribution channel(s), language, etc. and allow up to one week for the approval process.

To life, liberty and property!

Upland Team


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