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Cinco De Mayo

This Wednesday, May 5th, at 10:00 AM PT, we will be launching a “Piñata Party” across all our cities in Upland! Piñatas will be distributed in select neighborhoods for each city, and players will be tasked with solving the provided clues (in Discord) to find out which neighborhoods the piñatas will be in! The first player to solve each clue will get a special piñata with bonus rewards.

Piñatas will be released in 2 waves. The first wave will launch in all West Coast cities (SF, Fresno, & Oakland) at 10:00 AM PT, and the second wave will launch in all East Coast cities (Manhattan & Brooklyn) at 6:00 PM PT. Each wave will drop a large number of Piñatas in each of their respective neighborhoods. Discover the most Piñatas and place yourself atop the Leaderboard to win additional UPX! The top 10 Piñata finders will receive bonus UPX; the top 3 players will also get a bit of bonus Spark.

Lastly, we will be deploying a special tier of treasure hunts that players can participate in. These treasures will spawn at random intervals and will give players even more opportunities to win UPX.

Note: There will be no additional competitive tier in Oakland, only in SF, Fresno, Brooklyn, and Manhattan

Hope to see you guys tomorrow!




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