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Fair Starts and Trains!

FSA Fest

Some of the events coming up this week

  • People’s Champ Challenge. The winner is the player who has visited the most properties owned by Visitors within 3 days. Prizes will go to the top 3 participants.
  • Great Start Challenge. The winner is the Visitor who receives the most property visits in 3 days. Prizes will go to the top 3 participants.
  • A 7 day Refer an Uplander challenge, with bonus prizes.
  • A 7 day Rising Star challenge, with bonus prizes.
  • The community will nominate players for the Community Builder Award. Players with the top 3 nominations will get prizes.
  • We’ll also be announcing a larger special event, based on the improved Scavenger Hunt mechanism.


Key Details

  • Fresno will be the first city to be mostly allocated to the FSA, putting it in the “Affordable” category (about 75% of the city will be available for purchase only by Visitors and Uplanders).
  • FSA restrictions apply only to minting, not to the marketplace.
  • A player who lives in Fresno can always take a train and participate in SF events (live cheap, but still party in SF).
  • The core functionality will be the same as SF, proportionally lower cost and returns (both on properties and collections).
  • Unlike NYC, Fresno will not be in Vanilla mode, collections and treasure hunts will be included at launch!
  • When property development launches, Fresno will receive it soon after.
  • Some new players will start off in Fresno when they join Upland as visitors. We’ll explore this option to determine how to best design an experience that best ensures a good start in Upland.
  • Fresno will be ready for launch in early October.


UPDATE: Additional Terms and Conditions of FSA Fest

  • Community Builder Award
  • Rising Star Challenge
  • Refer an Uplander Challenge
  • Great Start Challenge
  • People’s Champ Challenge
  1. The FSA Fest events will be held between 03:00 PM Pacific Time on 16th September 2020 and 11:59 PM Pacific Time on 2nd October 2020. The event is conducted by the creator of Upland: Uplandme, Inc. (herein: “the game operator”). It includes multiple mini-events, which are here defined as specific events with their own rules and times within this set week. Certain details of these mini-events are mentioned above, while others by design are to be revealed on social media during the course of the event.
  2. No purchase necessary.
  3. All Upland users are eligible to participate in the competition so long as they hold an Upland account and provided that they have abided by and continue to abide by the game operator’s Terms of Use (AKA: Terms and Conditions or Terms of Service).
  4. Winning a mini-event grants the user entry into a draw for prizes (see section 8 below).
  5. We reiterate that having more than one account per person is strictly prohibited. If the use of multiple accounts by a single individual is detected it may void said user’s eligibility in all of the aforementioned in addition to other potential penalties or consequences levied by the game operator.
  6. If a “mini-event”, as defined in the text above, results in more than one winner, a pre-draw for prizes will be conducted.
  7. Winners of prizes will be drawn after the FSA Fest ends.
  8. If no user wins a specific mini-event, the distribution of leftover prizes will be at the discretion of the game operator.
  9. In the case of any ties, the number of Drawing entry winners will still be limited to 2.
  10. Ties will be broken by having a random drawing between tied players.



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