Feature Focus: Upland’s Roaming Explorers, Free-to-Play Model & More

Dec 9, 2019 · 4 min read

Greetings Uplanders! While you’ve been busy building your property portfolios in the virtual world of Upland, we’ve been hard at work creating our last release of 2019, and perhaps the most important one so far! 😎

Here’s what you can expect to see with the coming update:

🏘️ Discovering Properties

Roaming Block Explorers

Your Block Explorer will soon spark to life and start roaming the city for you, leaving a trail of discovery that will give you access to the unminted properties it has visited. But you’ll need to act quickly, as newly discovered properties will go back to their undiscovered state once the trail has faded out.

Send Your Explorer Feature

Don’t like the neighborhood where your Explorer has wandered off to? Trying to get to that perfect address you need for the collection you’ve been working on? No worries — there are now two ways that you can influence your explorer’s location:

  • Send to My Property

Send your Explorer to any of the properties you own, whenever you want! Sending your Explorer to your own properties is free and unlimited.

  • Send to Other Properties

You can also send your Explorer to properties owned by other players. Sending your Explorer to other owned properties will cost an UPX fee, paid to the owner of the property, and the feature is limited to three sends a day.

Collecting Traveler Fees

If another player sends their Explorer to your property, the UPX earnings from the visit will be available to collect the next time you open your UPX Earnings. You can also keep track of who has visited your property from the property details card.

Please note that when a Visitor player uses your property, you will only be able to collect their UPX fee once they have graduated to become an Uplander.

👫 Visitors and Uplanders

Starting Out as a Visitor

New players to Upland will now start out with a ‘Visitor’ status and will need to accumulate a net worth of 10,000 UPX in order to become an ‘Uplander’ and enjoy true ownership of their digital assets.

Renewing Your Upland Visa

Visitors will need to renew their Upland Visa once every seven days to maintain ownership of their digital assets. There is no limit to the amount of time the Upland Visa can be renewed.

If a visitor has failed to renew their visa within seven days, an extra one-day grace period will be added followed by the recycling of the Visitor’s assets (all acquired properties and UPX balance) back in favor of the game economy

Visitor Restrictions

As Visitors, players can not participate in Marketplace transactions, such as putting up properties for sale or making offers to other players, or accepting offers from other players.

First Time Player Experience

New players to Upland will experience a video tutorial walking them through Upland’s features. The tutorial can always be replayed from the settings section.

After the tutorial has played, new players will receive a 3,000 UPX starting bonus and their Block Explorer will be dropped at a random starting location in San Francisco.

⚙️ Usability Improvements

New Property Details

The property details card is now much more user-friendly, with all actions consolidated in a single location and a more intuitive way to close the card to get back into the map.

Map Functions

Map functions have been incorporated under the new Compass button, with the following functions added for convenience:

  • Locate my Explorer
  • Toggle Marketplace property pins on/off

Native Mobile Apps

We’re excited to announce that Upland native mobile apps are coming to both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store! More details on that will be coming soon following the next web release.

Join our community of Uplanders and tell us what you think about our new upcoming features:

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Discover more at upland.me 🚀 To life, liberty and property…


A virtual property trading game powered by blockchain


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Upland is a new property trading game, powered by blockchain technology. Join the revolution at Upland.me 🏠🌎



A virtual property trading game powered by blockchain

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