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First call for boarding! Announcing: San Francisco Airport (SFO) 🛫

Can you believe how fast Upland is moving? We were in closed beta just a few months ago. Now we’ve got block explorers and community dApps, with treasure hunts and other features right around the corner.

Now we can add to that list that we are pre-launching San Francisco Airport (SFO) — TODAY! And we’re doing so through a fun contest! 🏅

Much news, such wow 👀.

Preparing to expand

Those of you playing already know this, but for those just joining us: Upland is not intended to take place only in San Francisco. We’ll be expanding to new cities before you know it and we won’t stop until Miles the Llama can reach any part of the world.

When we do expand to other cities, following the existing game dynamic, you’ll need to send your block explorer there to discover what that city has to offer. Sending via properties will still do the job… very slowly. If you want to really beat the competition and speed things up, your block explorer will have to take one of several means of transportation. Airports/flights will be the first of such means to be available.

How it will work

Airports are divided into terminals, and within those terminals, parcels. We’re planning a whole game dynamic down the road involving flights and transportation for block explorers, but that comes later. What’s important for you to know now is that before a player can use those, they’ll need to actually get to the airport. This will be made possible by sending your explorer to a terminal parcel just like you would any other property.

Here’s the catch: there are a limited number of parcels per airport terminal, and for each, the number of times that an explorer can be sent to it per day varies (depending on the parcel’s size). This means that in the future if someone wants to send their explorer on a flight leaving one of the terminals, the explorer will need to first be sent to one of those terminal parcels. And those terminals’ parcels will be owned by a lucky few.

Bird’s-eye view of Upland’s San Francisco Airport (SFO), in-game. Terminal 3 is the northern group.

Will you be among them? 🛩

Contest: FlySFO drawing!

SFO is just outside the bounds of San Francisco… a place your explorer cannot yet reach (you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?). To get there, we’re launching this special drawing — and it starts NOW! Here’s how you can get your hands on SFO terminal parcels.

Every day over the next week, a few unminted properties will be tagged with a special plane icon and the text “FlySFO”, representing this contest.

Eligible properties for contest are tagged ‘FlySFO’ and have this icon 👆

All you have to do is find one of those properties, then enter its address along with your Upland username on this form:


A total of 35 properties in San Francisco will be tagged 🏷 for this contest leading up to February 20th, with final entries being accepted until 12:00 PM EST. We’ll be waiting for your final entries at NFT.nyc — the leading annual conference for NFTs and digital/crypto collectibles — where we’ll hold a live stream with Joel and Travis of Bad Crypto Podcast and together select one lucky winner who will receive the first SFO Terminal Parcel. Not only is this an exceedingly unique and valuable asset in Upland that you will receive for FREE 😱 😱 😱— everyone who wants an SFO terminal parcel after you will have to first send their explorers to yours (cha-ching! 💰).

The prize parcel will be one of 4 located at Terminal 3:

  • 9/9 Domestic Terminal 3 (1–10 properties discovered)
  • 8/9 Domestic Terminal 3 (11–25 properties discovered)
  • 7/9 Domestic Terminal 3 (26–34 properties discovered)
  • 6/9 Domestic Terminal 3 (35 properties discovered)

There are 35 total addresses tagged FlySFO. The more addresses that are submitted, the bigger the parcel that will be given away. If we find all 35 addresses among the total entries, we’ll give away the biggest parcel — 185 UP2 in size!

Get in on the action today! For full Terms and Conditions, please read below or see the complete entry form.

Good luck, llama herders.

📲 iOS: https://discover.upland.me/ios

📲 Android: https://discover.upland.me/android

📲 Mobile Browser: https://play.upland.me

Join the action, chat with players and ask questions in the Upland Community Telegram Group, or find us on:

🏠 Twitter | Reddit | Facebook | Discord

— — “FlySFO Contest”: Terms and Conditions — -

(1) No purchase is necessary to participate in the FlySFO contest.
(2) The contest is open only to players with Uplander status.
(3) Full details of the contest and the prize are available in this Medium article.
(4) Your entry is only eligible if it includes your Upland username and at least one Upland property address tagged FlySFO.
(5) Players must be 18 years or older to participate.
(6) Only one [1] entry per player/username. Multiple submissions from the same account will still be considered one entry, however the addresses from multiple submissions may be considered for the community goal of finding all 35 addresses.
(7) Multiple accounts per player (different usernames) are forbidden as per Upland Terms of Service.
(8) Uplandme, Inc. contractors, employees, investors and their family members are not eligible to participate.
(9) Entries must be submitted by the final date and time: 20 February 2020, 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Odds are defined by the numbers of participating players.
(10) The winner will be notified via email by the Upland team. If the prize is not claimed within one week, additional draws will be held in place until the prize has been distributed.
(11) By participating in this contest you grant consent that your username can be used for marketing purposes and media channels of Uplandme, Inc.
(12) Questions regarding this contest or the game may be directed to support@upland.me

By proceeding, you acknowledge that you have read the terms above and have complied with these rules as detailed.




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