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Hyperloop, Chicago, and Cleveland

Over time, Upland introduced various modes of transportation. You can take planes, trains, subways, and even buses to move your block explorer between cities. In real life, these methods of travel were invented a looong time ago, and no major breakthroughs in transportation have been made for over a century.

Everything changed when the concept of a Hyperloop was made popular by Elon Musk in 2013. He explained the mechanics of this new system; how it would work and how much it would cost. As of today, Hyperloop is primed to be first introduced in the US for trips between Chicago and Cleveland.

As you might know, Miles, our Llama is a very versatile and innovative individual, and he’d like to give you a glimpse into the future: We are partnering with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to introduce this new form of ground transportation in Upland. This collaboration marks the beginning of our strategy to bring real-world brands into the earth’s metaverse. There are many more small and (very) large partnerships in the making, so make sure you follow us on Twitter to not miss the upcoming announcements.

To celebrate the partnership with Hyperloop, we will be opening Chicago and Cleveland during the second quarter of 2021. These two cities will launch in “vanilla mode,” which means that no collections information will be publicly available at launch. While these collections will be pre-minted on the blockchain, they will be revealed at a later date. Once you’re in Chicago or Cleveland, you will be able to send your Block Explorer to a terminal, board the Hyperloop and get a chance to experience this new form of transportation for the first time. Once we get closer to launch, we will be providing more information about these two new cities; how to get there, enhanced Hyperloop travel experiences, as well as the next phases of the partnership. Here is the official press release about our partnership:

Hyperloop is Coming to the Real-World Metaverse, Upland

Uplanders will be able to travel an actual route planned between Cleveland and Chicago in a virtual version of the Hyperloop

PALO ALTO — May 12, 2021 — Upland (https://upland.me/), the NFT metaverse that is mapped to real-world addresses, today announced a partnership with transportation innovator HyperloopTT (https://www.hyperlooptt.com/) that will allow Upland’s users, Uplanders, to travel by Hyperloop between Cleveland and Chicago, a first-of-its-kind experience in virtual worlds.

Upland is a metaverse where people can buy, sell and trade virtual properties currently for the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Fresno, and New York City. Each Upland property in the Upland metaverse is based on real-world boundaries and is represented as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain, ensuring true ownership of the property. Upland is available on iOS, Android and the Web. It can be played from anywhere in the world.

The Hyperloop is the first new form of transportation in a century, comprising a system that moves people and goods safely, efficiently, and sustainably by bringing airplane speeds to the ground. Passive magnetic levitation and a linear electric motor combined with a tube environment in which air has been drastically reduced allow hyperloop capsules to move at high speed with nearly zero friction. The HyperloopTT system is powered by a combination of alternative energy sources to ensure sustainability and low costs. The first hyperloop route being explored in the United States is in the Great Lakes Region from Chicago to Cleveland to Pittsburgh.

To celebrate this one-of-its-kind partnership, Upland will open in its metaverse the cities of Cleveland and Chicago during the second quarter of 2021. Uplanders will have the rare opportunity to time travel and get a first trip experience, mirroring the real hyperloop transportation system that will also include Pittsburgh at a later stage. In subsequent phases of the partnership Uplanders will be able to win or purchase rare HyperloopTT branded NFTs, participate in live events and competitions.

The partnership between Upland and HyperloopTT does not only bring together visionary partners, but partners also concerned with building sustainable solutions. Upland is based on EOS, a third generation blockchain that uses a so-called delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm which is up to 66,454 times more energy-efficient than so-called Proof-of-Work consensus algorithms of other blockchains. HyperloopTT systems will use renewable energy that is highly efficient, and can potentially generate more power than they consume. Based on forecasted travel demand along the corridor, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 143 million tons over 25 years when implementing a HyperloopTT transportation system.

“This is not only a first for Upland, but a first for virtual worlds,” said Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder of Upland. “The metaverse provides us the opportunity to introduce to broader audiences new concepts earlier than in real life. This includes a first glimpse into the Hyperloop experience years before the expert technologists of HyperloopTT have completed their very hard work of realizing this next-generation form of transportation for our own real world.”

“As an innovator in the technology and transportation space, it is important for us to connect to new communities to raise awareness around hyperloop and to explore a new wave of platforms built on the blockchain,” said Andrea La Mendola, COO of HyperloopTT. “Uplanders are pioneers of these new worlds and we are excited to work together to bring this to life.”

For more information and to download Upland, please visit https://upland.me. For more information about Hyperloop please visit https://www.hyperlooptt.com/.

Finally: You might have noticed in the post above that Upland has started to communicate about the energy it consumes regarding its use of blockchain technology. We find that this is an important and interesting topic we can not ignore. That’s why we have started working together with EOS Authority to find out and define what Upland’s contribution to a more sustainable approach to energy consumption should be.



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