Introducing the Upland Collections

Sep 27, 2019 · 3 min read

We’ve entered an exciting new chapter in the world of Upland as we open up a core feature of the game: Collections 🎉

The Upland Collections are an integral part of the property trading game, and offer players the chance to boost their earnings by collecting properties in the same area or with similar characteristics. Each Collection will require a fixed number of properties to complete it and to receive that all-important UPX earnings boost.

For example, collect three properties within the Mission District to complete the Mission Collection, or collect three restaurants anywhere in the city to finish the Llamalicious Collection.

Completing a Collection will boost the earnings on all the properties you own within a completed collection. As an added bonus, players will also receive a one-time UPX bonus reward for completing any Collection.

Collection Levels

Each Collection also has a level ranking, depending on the difficulty to complete. The five levels are:

Collections on higher levels will receive higher UPX earnings than those on lower levels.

Upland’s inaugural city San Francisco will start off with more than 20 different Collections, including:

Level 1: Standard

🐣 Newbie: Own 1 property in Upland
🚋 San Franciscan: Own 3 properties in San Francisco
🏘️ King of the Street: Own 3 properties on the same street

Level 2: Limited

🌇 City Pro: Own 5 properties in the same city
🏡 Haight Ashbury: Own 3 properties in Haight Ashbury
🎨 Mission: Own 3 properties in the Mission District

Level 3: Exclusive

🏦 Lombard Street: Own 3 properties on Lombard Street
🏢 Market Street: Own 3 properties on Market Street

Level 4: Rare

🏫 Iconic Venues: Own 3 Iconic Venues in San Francisco
🏛️ Financial District: Own 4 properties in the Financial District

Level 5: Ultra Rare

🚠 Crooked Lombard: Own 2 properties on the crooked part of Lombard Street
🏘️ Painted Ladies: Own 2 of the Painted Ladies of San Francisco
🏛️ The Curator: Own 3 museums in San Francisco

Any properties purchased before the first beta update can be used to complete the Inaugural Collection, which is eligible for a special one-time UPX bonus as a reward for our founding Uplanders.

Can I use the same property in more than one Collection?

Absolutely, just not at the same time. Some properties will fall into more than one Collection category, and players can switch properties freely between different Collections. A property cannot be used in two different Collections simultaneously and one-time completion bonuses can only be claimed once for each Collection.

Will more Collections be added to the game?

Sure thing! There will be more Collections to come in the future, and we will announce new categories as they launch.

How will I know which property goes in which Collection?

To see which Collections a property falls under, select the triangle next to the property’s ‘BUY’ button and click the ‘boosted earnings’ section to view the property’s available Collections.

Collections are now here, and we’ve also launched our inaugural Block Explorers too!

Join the beta wait list on our website and be among the first to test them out.

Join our growing Upland community on social media:

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A virtual property trading game powered by blockchain

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