Introducing Upland’s Inaugural Block Explorers

Which one will you choose? 🧐

Oct 8, 2019 · 2 min read

So you’re ready to explore the streets of Upland and become a big-time property mogul, but how will you stand out from all of the other real estate hotshots and make your presence in the game known?

A Block Explorer puts you on the map… literally 😉

Block Explorers (formerly known as Avatars) are the trusty sidekicks of Upland, and will be the key to unlocking all the fun and frolics the game has to offer.

A Block Explorer acts as a whimsical game piece on the map. Once the full game launches, your Block Explorer will take you on a journey through the city, at random, and will allow you to purchase any available properties it comes across for a limited time.

You will be able to send your Block Explorer to any of your properties in Upland so you can discover other properties in that area. You will also be able to magnetize your Block Explorer to your current physical location via your mobile phone to maximize your purchasing choices.

In the game’s October release, beta players can select a Block Explorer for their account in anticipation for the upcoming roaming and discovery features, soon to be released.

Our founding Uplanders can choose from nine inaugural Block Explorers, which are exclusive to beta players and will not be available to the public once the game launches. They will also display a limited edition badge when roaming so everyone will know which players are true Upland OGs.

Can’t decide between the pixel whale and double decker? No probllama!
Beta players will have permanent access to all of the exclusive Inaugural 9, and can switch between them at any point; and so the question remains… which Block Explorer will you choose first? 😎

Uplanders Assemble!

We want your feedback on our very first Block Explorers! Click here to fill out our feedback survey and tell us which Block Explorers you want to see next!

Join the beta wait list on our website and be among the first to hear exclusive news and updates from the team.

Join our growing Upland community on social media:

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A virtual property trading game powered by blockchain

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