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It’s Time to Hunt for Spark!

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 6th, at 8:00 AM PT, players will be able to win Spark by participating in all tiers of treasure hunts in all cities!

Spark is a valuable resource in Upland which allows for the construction of buildings on player-owned properties. In the future, Spark will also power the creation of a variety of other NFTs including Outdoor Decor, Cars, and more.

Due to the rarity and high value, we recognize the need to continually give our community the opportunity to get their hands on Spark. As such, Spark rewards in Treasure Hunt Chests are now a permanent addition. This means that there will always be a rare chance to earn Spark while participating in Treasure Hunts!

Chests & Rewards

For this new feature, there will be 3 new treasure chest models entering the metaverse. Each chest will result in a different reward depending on the city you are hunting in.

Rewards in Chicago, Manhattan, & San Francisco

  • Standard Spark Chest: .02 Spark
  • Limited Spark Chest: .04 Spark
  • Exclusive Spark Chest: .06 Spark

Rewards in Brooklyn, New Orleans, Oakland, Cleveland, & Kansas City

  • Standard Spark Chest: .01 Spark
  • Limited Spark Chest: .03 Spark
  • Exclusive Spark Chest: .05 Spark

Rewards in Fresno, Bakersfield, & Staten Island

  • Standard Spark Chest: .01 Spark
  • Limited Spark Chest: .02 Spark

Note: Spark values, rarities, and volatilities are all subject to change.

It’s important to understand that Spark will not be immediately available after claiming a Spark chest. All Spark rewards earned during Treasure Hunts will be dropped to players every Tuesday. This means that if you earned a Spark Chest (or multiple) on a Wednesday, you will receive the rewards for that chest on the following Tuesday. Additionally, if a player collects a Spark treasure on a Tuesday, they will receive their rewards on the following Tuesday.

Spark Rewards for Visitors

With the introduction of Spark rewards into Treasure Hunts, we wanted to give Visitors an additional pathway to obtaining their first Spark. In the past, we had reserved Spark rewards strictly for players who were Uplanders and above, however, Visitors will also be eligible to claim Spark during Treasure Hunts.

If a Visitor happens upon a Spark chest during a hunt, that player will have until the following reset (Tuesday) to become an Uplander and meet the eligibility requirements for owning Spark. If the player fails to level up in that time period, they will forfeit their claim to these Spark rewards.

Boosted Rewards

Now that Spark is integrated into Treasure Hunts, we will look for opportunities to boost these rewards on a recurring basis. So, keep an eye out for periods where there will be both higher Spark rewards in addition to a higher probability of discovering Spark chests.

How to Participate

Players can participate in Treasure Hunts by clicking on the “Treasures” icon in the menu. There are 3 separate tiers of Treasures depending on the city the player is in. Standard treasures can be spawned for free once a day by players (more can be spawned for a small fee), while Limited and Exclusive treasures have a randomized spawn timer.

If there is an active treasure hunt, players can participate by sending to a property and toggling the “treasures” icon. After clicking this icon, indicators will appear that will point the player in the direction of the newly spawned treasure.

If you’re excited about this new addition to the Upland metaverse, make sure to join us on Discord for any comments, questions, or concerns!



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