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Landmark Auction: Rockefeller Center!

Hello Uplanders! It’s time again to auction a historical Upland Landmark. On Monday, April 19th, at 12:00PM PT, you will be able to purchase the address of the iconic Rockefeller Center in NYC. Since 1939, this famed complex has been home to countless events and cultural activities, making it one of the most prestigious landmarks both in the real world and in the Upland metaverse.

This auction is also a very special one: The winner can celebrate his victory with Idan and Dirk, the co-founders of Upland, in a joint video call which will be recorded and shared with the community at a later time.

But it might get even better: This same Monday, Upland will be hosting a documentary crew for an upcoming feature in a famous entertainment show with a major media outlet. If the auction is concluded within approximately three hours and the winner is available immediately, he or she will have a chance to be part of this documentary!*

Some fascinating facts about Rockefeller Center:

  • More than 500,000 visitors attend each year to skate beneath the famed Rockefeller Christmas Tree
  • More than 100 murals, sculptures, and mosaics by 39 different artists adorn Rockefeller Center.
  • Some 200 flagpoles from every UN country, in addition to states and territories across the US, line the plaza at the street level in a show of multicultural unity.

Price Analysis

Located at 45 Rockefeller PLZ in Midtown Manhattan, the Rockefeller boasts a massive UP2 size of 1,892. Additionally, it is a member of the Rare “NYC Skyscraper,” “Historical NYC,” and Ultra Rare “Media Capital” collections (2.85x boost and carries a 60,000 UPX one-time award). The original minting price for this property would have been 1,173,040 UPX if it were not a Landmark. For Ultra Rare collection properties we have seen a value premium of up to 20x the original mint price. Its primary association with an ultra rare collection and secondary association with a rare collection gives Rockefeller center a substantial combined value increase. As one of the most iconic pieces of property in NYC, owning the Rockefeller Center is akin to owning a piece of history itself. As the Upland metaverse continues to grow, this historic building will serve as a pillar for the economy. It’s also in a completely sold-out neighborhood: Midtown.

Most recently, the Chrysler building sold for a price of 25,000,000 UPX, Upland’s highest sale to date (it’s starting, highest price). Landmarks have typically seen a premium of 300% or more on average. If the Rockefeller Center weren’t a Landmark, our suggested minimum mint price would be 28,460,800 UPX.

This is the highest suggested price for a property in Upland so far, thus we are starting the auction with an all time high price of 40 million UPX. Relative to the previous starting price vs suggested minimum mint price, the Rockefeller Center is starting off as a steal.

Auction Details

We will be employing the reverse-auction method that has been used for previous landmarks in the past, where we start at the highest price and lower it at scheduled times until someone mints the property. The auction will take place LIVE inside the app.

To win

After the auction begins, simply send your block explorer to the location below and the property will be available for minting at the scheduled price.

Auction Start: April 19th at 12:00PM PST

Auction End: April 22nd at 7:00PM PST

Starting Price: 40,000,000 UPX

Upland Address: 45 Rockefeller PLZ in Midtown Manhattan

Price Reduction Schedule:


  • 12:00PM PT the auction starts at 40,000,000 UPX
  • 12:30PM | Price will be reduced to 39,000,000 UPX
  • 1:00PM | Price will be reduced to 38,000,000 UPX
  • 1:30PM | Price will be reduced to 37,000,000 UPX
  • 2:00PM | Price will be reduced to 36,000,000 UPX
  • 2:30PM | Price will be reduced to 35,000,000 UPX


  • 9:00AM | Price will be reduced to 34,000,000 UPX
  • 12:00PM | Price will be reduced to 33,000,000 UPX
  • 3:00PM | Price will be reduced to 32,000,000 UPX
  • 7:00PM | Price will be reduced to 31,000,000 UPX


  • 9:00AM | Price will be reduced to 30,000,000 UPX
  • 2:00PM | Price will be reduced to 29,000,000 UPX
  • 7:00PM | Price will be reduced to the suggested mint price of 28,460,800

Price updates will be announced in our Discord #auction channel.

If the minimum mint price of 28,460,800 is not met, we will close the auction without selling the Landmark. It will remain on the market at the original suggested mint price.

Take note that property earnings are calculated based on the mint price. This means that the higher the auction price, the greater your returns!

Disclaimer: We understand that there may be many potential buyers for this landmark. As such, if you purchased UPX within an hour before the start of the auction with the intention to purchase but were unable to mint the property, the Upland team will reimburse you.

Future Auctions

As we mentioned during our previous auction, opportunities to purchase Landmarks will be increasing over time. Please keep an eye out for new auctions in the near future. Thank you all for joining us on this adventure, we look forward to seeing you in the metaverse!

*Pending plans and approval of the documentary team



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