Neighborhood Champions: Lord of the Spud!

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3 min readNov 20, 2020


Get ready for a whole new way to have fun, compete, and collaborate in Upland!

With the property development sandbox coming out mid December, we’re also working on some really awesome competitions based on temporary building construction. Property development will be driven by Spark (which is a token). However, the sandbox (which will allow players to play with the property development interface) will use a temporary resource we’re calling “Spud”.

During the sandbox competitions, Spud will be used to build properties. All players of Uplander status and above will receive Spud when it is distributed. Spud will have no direct utility beyond these sandbox competitions.

One way that players will be able to gain access to more Spud is by becoming a “Neighborhood Champion”. Neighborhood Champions will get a 2x Spud bonus, and they will also be able to allocate an amount of bonus Spud to other members of their team. Neighborhood Champion status will come into play when we hold neighborhood sandbox competitions. These competitions will pit neighborhoods against each other in a unique new game of strategy. Players will have to build alliances and work against other organically formed teams, scoring points for your team, and attacking the points of your opponents. The winning neighborhood(s) will receive a prize that will boost that neighborhood’s development rating (read more about neighborhood development rating in our roadmap to property development).

Only a limited number of neighborhoods will qualify for these sandbox competitions. While we are not yet announcing the criteria that will determine which neighborhoods are selected (and who their Neighborhood Champions will be), there is one way that you can ensure you become Neighborhood champion this weekend: Winning one of 3 neighborhood minting challenges.

How It Will Work

These 3 neighborhood minting challenges will measure the number of newly minted properties in each of 3 neighborhoods. These neighborhoods will be announced when the challenges go live, Saturday at 12pm PT. The challenges will last 3 days, ending will end on Tuesday at 12pm PT.

Each challenge will have 2 tiers (creating 6 total challenges).

Tier 1: Executives and Directors

Tier 1 winners of each challenge will become a Neighborhood Champion, when neighborhood sandbox competitions start (although winners are not bound to competing on behalf of that neighborhood). While players will be able to self organize for the competitions, the extra Spud a Neighborhood Champion can allocate will allow them to act as somewhat of a commander for their neighborhoods building strategy. Tier 1 winners will also receive the Neighborhood Champion Badge and an UPX prize.

Tier 2: Pros, Uplanders, and Visitors.

Tier 2 winners will receive a Junior Champion status (which will come with a 1.5x Spud boost) and will receive a smaller UPX prize.

If a player in tier 2 becomes a Director or Executive during the challenges, they will be moved up to tier 1.

If you’re not already a primary stakeholder in a major neighborhood, this could be your best shot at becoming a Neighborhood Champion and rising to the top of the sandbox competitions!

Come get the SPUD!

-The Upland Team




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