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NFLPA Legits Swapping is now LIVE

Uplanders, we are taking a crucial step forward in the Upland metaverse. All NFLPA Legits are now fully swappable between players. This means that players can swap any NFLPA Legit for NFLPA Legit, which allows them to leverage their portfolio to make trades with other players.

Initiating a Swap

To initiate a swap, you’ll need to place an offer on an Uplander’s Legit. To do so, click on the target player’s block explorer to open up their profile window. Once inside, click on the “Assets” button, this will allow you to see what assets the player is currently holding on to. Find the Legit you’d like to swap for and select the item you wish to acquire. Once the Legit is opened up, you will have the option to submit an offer via the “Submit Offer” button. Select the asset you’d like to include in your trade to submit your offer. If the offer is accepted, the new Legit will appear in your asset wallet under “NFLPA Legits.”

Note: Always be sure to double check the Legit that’s being offered to ensure a fair trade!

Building Fan Scores

Now that swapping is live, this is a great chance to start working on your team and player Fan Scores! Head to Discord and visit the channel to see if there are willing players to trade with. Try to understand what teams or players other Uplanders are looking to build their score for, you may have something they’re looking for!

Launching Collections

Next week we are also preparing to share detailed information on 2020 and 2021 NFLPA Legits Collections. This will have big implications on how players strategize their trading activities to optimize their Fan Score Boosts. Similar to how property Collections function, NFLPA Legits Collections will boost the Fan Points for each Legit that is actively held in the Collection.

The Future of Swaps

While this first iteration only includes swapping for NFLPA Legits, we are actively working to expand this to other NFTs in the Upland metaverse. This means that in the near future, players will be able to swap any Legit, Block Explorer, and Ornament NFTs for any other swappable NFT! Stay tuned for more details on the development of Swaps.



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