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NYC Collections Review

If you’ve been paying attention to all the activity in Upland the past few weeks you know that the NYC collection releases have been the talk of the town!
Many players speculated on what the collections would be and they were greatly rewarded!

We initially planned on revealing just 3 non sold-out collections, triggered by the release of a major feature (the property development sandbox) a street collection, a neighborhood collection, and one custom collection.
However, we quickly realized that we should also release any NYC collections that were completely sold out, because when the prospect of speculation is removed collection owners are left with missing out on the potential boost, and may also sell these properties on the market not having realized their marked up value.

So far, we have revealed 12 new collections, and also revealed the encryption mechanism through which we locked these collections as predetermined, before ever opening NYC for minting. This ensured fairness in collection designation. Anyone can easily see that the collections were determined in advance, by following the instructions here.

Along the way, we also listened to feedback from Uplanders and shared some lessons learned and clarifications made.

Let’s recap the first batch of NYC collections that were released.

We are closely monitoring the very first vanilla city expansion in Upland, and so far we’ve seen positive results. We also realize that there were several flaws in our process, and we will work to improve on any issues that arose during the expansion, going forward with future city expansions.

We have only revealed half of the NYC collections thus far, so be prepared for more excitement with future major feature releases in SF, triggering more collection reveals!



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