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Prepping for Release: Daiquiri 2 🍹

Greetings Uplanders. Today we are excited to announce that we have a special release coming up, one that is geared towards putting the final pieces in place that will allow us to open NYC in vanilla mode!

Here is a review of what this release includes, and the sequence of events that would lead up to the eventual opening of NYC.

Introducing Air Travel 🛫

Daiquiri 2 will come with the technical framework for flights within Upland.

In order to fly from San Francisco to New York, you will need to send your Block Explorer to a domestic terminal at SFO. Once within discovery range, you’ll be able to activate the terminal interface that will allow you to purchase a flight ticket and embark on your journey.

An important note to keep in mind is that with the introduction of air travel, Upland is moving towards a global system of traveling between locations, both inside and outside of cities. This means that in the near future, your Block Explorer will by default travel at ‘Walking Speed’, with numerous options to hasten travel via airplanes and later on cars. The longer the distance your explorer needs cover, the longer the ‘send’ sequence will take.

Walking speed inside of cities will not be implemented in this release, so with Daiquiri 2, sending your explorer by foot outside of San Francisco will not yet be possible. Please also note that with the deployment of Daiquiri 2, all Block Explorers that are currently found in the JFK airport area will be brought back to SFO.

Collections Reveal 🔗

Daiquiri 2 includes the necessary mechanics for publishing new collections that are encrypted on the blockchain. This is a feature we have mentioned in the past, which allows us to define collections with reveal criteria, thereby predetermining collections in a provably fair way and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Scavenger Hunt 🏺

We’re excited to unveil a new type of live event — the Scavenger Hunt!

What makes this hunt special, is that it works in a similar way you would expect a real-life scavenger hunt to work. Each player that participates, will work to find a series of treasures, each one serving as a clue to the next treasure. The first player to find all treasures will be the winner of the event! Every player can find the same treasures, so it ain’t over ‘till the final treasure is found!

Scavenger Hunts will require registration in advance, and will carry an UPX registration fee. 100% of the collected UPX received from registration will be paid back to the players as prizes, consisting of both the UPX stored in treasures found, and the grand prize paid to the overall winner!

Sequence of Events

Next week we will start with the deployment of Daiquiri 2, followed by an exciting double-live event. The winners of these 2 events will be gifted the opportunity to take the first exclusive flight in Upland, commemorating the opening of air travel and airport terminals, as well as the very first property minted in NYC — that would allow players access from JFK to Manhattan.

When the first property in NYC has been gifted, all other properties within the opened area in Manhattan will remain LOCKED and unavailable for purchase until further notice.

We can proudly share that most of our internal parameters for allowing the opening of NYC have been met during the month of June, except for one. Once 40% of San Francisco properties have been minted (we are currently close to 35%), The final NYC collections will be minted (encrypted on the blockchain) and a final heads-up will be announced for the unlocking of properties in the opened Manhattan area.

A Few More Nuggets 💎

As is our tradition by now, there are several more cool things coming with Daiquiri 2 that we will leave for you Uplanders to discover. Rumor has it that construction has begun for the very first building in Upland…

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The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology

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