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President of Villains

Nov 2, 2020 · 2 min read

You might remember the first serious villains to cause trouble in Upland, Marv and Lecter from the SF Villain Heist. Well they’re back again, causing a ruckus.

The Villains are battling for power in Upland. Miles the Llama has intervened with a solution. In order to prevent destruction from the villains’ feud, Miles has organized a democratic election that will determine which villain should lead their sneaky crew.

The Villains will (hopefully) never be in charge of Upland, as long as Miles is around and has the community’s support. However, if the Villains did ever take over, here are the platforms of their 3 candidates:

  • Lecter the Lizard:
    Release everyone from Alcatraz and give them control over the community UPX pool.
  • Marv the Meerkat:
    Abolish the FSA, and redistribute FSA properties to the 1% of Upland (by net worth).
  • Bruce the Bull Shark:
    Cancel the Spark drop and give all Spark to the highest bidders.

The Details

  • Voting will be open for 24 hours days: November 3rd at 3pm to November 4th at 3pm.
  • 3 villains will be running for President of the Villains.
  • Vote by visiting 1 of 3 properties below.
  • Only 1 vote per player will be counted.
  • All voters will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 3 extremely rare Biden-Trump head block explorers.

How to Vote

Which villain do you think has the best strategy to wreak havoc in Upland? Who would give Miles the most trouble? Which Villain should be leading them all?

Visit one of these addresses in San Francisco to vote for which villain you think should be President of the Villains (you can only vote once):

  • Marv: 2969 Mission St
  • Lecter: 130 Sutter St
  • Bruce: 100 Broadway

Take a minute away from the boredom of world politics, and have some fun voting directly for the Villains! Looking for more presidential activities? Check out The Presidential Auctions!

Happy voting!

-The Upland Team

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