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Rare Drops Celebrating City Hall

City Hall is Open!

It has been a long time coming, and Uplanders all over have been telling us how much this benchmark means to them.

This initial opening allows City Hall to provide 3 major offerings:

  • Register for the Fiat Out Beta trial. 30 Uplanders, representing statuses Pro and above, will be selected for the program as potential property sellers. Learn more about Fiat Out here.
  • Welcome to Executive Status. If you have a 10M UPX net worth or more, you may now upgrade to the Executive Status. After you upgrade to Executive, you can now order your custom 3D model at City Hall, which can then be placed on one of your properties, existing as a special type of NFT.
  • If you are a Director (1M UPX net worth or above), you can now order your custom block explorer at City Hall.
  • There will be more services coming soon to City Hall, including registering for business licenses!

More than just a destination for special services, City Hall is also the first 3D building in Upland, and thus represents a critical step forward in the development of Upland’s architectural capacity. Soon you too will be able to build 3D buildings in Upland! City Hall may look simple now, but there are more design upgrades to come.

Introducing Terraformers

Terraformers are a rare and special type of block explorer which has a unique back story intricately tied to the creation myth of Upland. In that story, a special Terraformer constructed the Genesis structure in Upland, City Hall, and helped make 3D modeling possible for the Upland metaverse. That Terraformer’s name is Constructor.

Constructor has two modes of existence in the Upland world, as a robotic head and as a blockchain-powered bulldozer. We’re giving players the opportunity to own both!
In order to honor the unveiling of City Hall, celebrating the first building in Upland, we are proud to announce a limited edition block explorer bonus sale.

Here are the details:

  • At 12pm PT today, the first 5 players to make a purchase of 1,000,000 UPX will receive a limited edition Constructor block explorer as a special bonus item in “Dozer mode”.
  • Additionally, at 12pm PT tomorrow, the first 5 players to make a purchase of 1,000,000 UPX will receive a limited edition Constructor block explorer as a special bonus item in “Head mode”.
  • “Dozer mode” and “Head mode” of the Constructor block explorer will represent one Terraformer pair. If you’re a collector, aim to get both.
  • There will only ever be 5 of each of these Constructor block explorers available in Upland.
  • Exclusive block explorers, such as Constructor, will become tradeable NFTs in the future, ensuring their value will extend far beyond Upland’s borders.
  • In order to get in on this bonus sale, just go to purchase UPX from your web browser (this bonus is not available in iOS or Android) and you will see the Constructor icon next to the buying option. Once you make the correct UPX purchase, you will then have Constructor available as a block explorer option.
  • Don’t expect the Constructor block explorers to last long, they’re first come first serve!

With Constructor we’re also announcing Block Stories. As Upland grows there will be additional unique block explorers, some coming from our valiant directors, who helped us build this world. With Block Stories, each of these unique block explorers will have a story attached to them. They can remain with you forever, or they can be traded (in the future) and have their story passed on to other players. This adds an additional layer of uniqueness and rarity to the custom and limited edition block explorers, and helps tell the story of Upland to future players. More details soon to come on Block Stories, how they will work, and when they will be released.

Llama out!

-The Upland Team




The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology

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The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology. Upland.me 🏠🌎

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