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The Haunted Neighborhood Challenge

Structure Ornament NFTs are officially LIVE in Upland, which means you can now skin constructed buildings using your Spirit Ornaments! To celebrate the launch of this new NFT, we’re launching the Haunted Neighborhood Challenge where players will be challenged to team up with their fellow Uplanders to design the most frightening displays the metaverse has ever seen.

The challenge starts NOW and will end this Saturday, October 30th, at 3:00 PM PT.

Note: Due to the ongoing nature of this sale, players may not immediately receive their Ornaments as they will be delivered on an ongoing basis.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Collaborate with other Uplanders in the Upland Discord server to target which neighborhood you’d like to decorate. To aid this effort, we’ve opened up the #haunted-neighborhood channel to allow you guys to connect and form groups.

Each group will need to skin as many buildings as possible with as many variations as possible. The neighborhoods that have the highest volume of Ornaments, as well as the highest variance of Ornaments (including both version and structure-type), will be declared the winner.


All players in the winning neighborhood will receive .01 Spark for each building with an Ornament applied to it. For example, if you have 5 buildings with 5 Ornaments on it you will receive .05 Spark.

The Haunted Hood Parade

The victors of the Haunted Neighborhood Challenge will also be the hosts of the Haunted Hood Costume Parade! Players who have placed costumes on their block explorers will be invited to attend a parade through the best-decorated neighborhood in the metaverse. The parade will include pinatas through the route (and on random props in the neighborhood), and all participants will be entered into a giveaway of the “Structure Ornament NFT Wizard” Block Explorer!

Note: You do not need a custom costume to participate. However, all participants must apply a costume, including standard costumes provided by Upland.




The earth’s metaverse powered by blockchain technology

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