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The Innovation Hunt

Uplanders, it’s time to innovate and we need your help!

UPDATE: Registration is now open.

With the Fair Start Act, property development, and the business licenses coming into focus for Upland, Miles the Llama has been hard at work constructing the ideal system that will allow Uplanders to flourish. A system that is balanced and dynamic; open and iterative. Studying the past can only take you so far, and with the boundaries that Upland is pushing, Miles will need to consult modern innovators and problem solvers of society’s problems at scale.

Upland has always been driven by the input of its denizens, and now Miles needs to recruit help (again)in his effort to further the complex innovation of Upland.

This is why we are inviting you to The Innovation Hunt, Saturday at 1pm PT.

Miles needs your help collecting lessons in innovation from visionary technology companies around San Francisco. This includes top secret encrypted information that is key to unlocking the last economic details required to open Fresno and implement the Fair Start Act.


In order to participate in the The Innovation Hunt you will have to register in advance. Registration will open on Thursday October 1st at 1pm PT and close on Saturday October 3rd at 12:55pm. In order to compete, each player will pay an entry fee. From your entry fee, 35% will go toward the grand prize and 65% will be returned to you via treasures earned along the way to complete this hunt.

There will be two tiers to this event with different names:

  • Tier 1 is called Crossing the Chasm and will cost 20,000 UPX
  • Tier 2 is called Zero to One and will cost 2,000 UPX

The primary difference between each tier is the cost of entry and thus the amount you can potentially win back.

All players who registered for the SF Villain Heist will be automatically registered for free in their respective tier. Their entry fee will be paid out of the community pool.

To register, select the “Treasure” icon after registration has opened. And choose the tier you’d like to participate in. You can only pick one, so choose wisely.


  • In addition to the grand UPX prize, the top winner of the high tier will be awarded one of the first 4 San Francisco train parcels (the other 3 will be drawn with the conclusion of the FSA fest events).
  • In addition to the grand UPX prize, the top winners of the lower tier will be awarded the first Fresno train parcel.
  • Every player who completes the event will receive a limited edition innovation themed block explorer. There will be 2 different block explorers awarded, one for each tier.
  • For reference the last time we had a Scavenger Hunt event in Upland, the grand prizes were 684,500 UPX (tier 1) and 180,900 UPX (tier 2).
  • There will also be one pinata in the hunt, for every player. Some of them will be worth up to 50,000 UPX!

Event Details

  • The competition will begin on Saturday at 1pm PT.
  • There will be 8 locations for each challenge.
  • While the competition will be a race, all players will have 48 hours to complete the hunt. The event will end on Monday at 1pm PT.
  • The clue to each location will be the lesson Upland is trying to learn from that company’s leaders.
  • The first clue will appear in the app, with the rest of the clues (as opposed to on social media, which we did in the past).
  • To see your clues, go to “Treasure” in the quick menu and select the challenge you registered for.
  • You must visit the property your current clue points to, in order to move onto the next clue.
  • This process will repeat until you collect all 8 treasures at the locations the clues point to.
  • The first player to complete all 8 clues will win a grand prize, officially ending the competition for their tier. You’ll be able to see how you stack up in the hunt through a dedicated Challenge Board. Access the challenge board by clicking the trophy icon here:
  • You can still earn UPX by solving all the clues and completing the hunt within 48 hours of the event’s start time, but after that, the treasures will disappear.

Any questions?
Join our Discord server and ask! There will be live discussion during the event on the #live-events channel.

Stay sharp and good luck!

Llama, out! 🎙

-The Upland Team



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