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The NFT Portal is Coming to Upland!

The NFT Portal Beta is coming to Upland this week! Players will soon be able to port their Upland Collectibles assets from the WAX blockchain into the Upland ecosystem through the NFT Portal; the first-of-its-kind bridge to other blockchains.

With the advent of the NFT Portal, Upland is one step closer to becoming the NFT platform and marketplace of the future. Soon, players will be able to open NFT shops, galleries, and more, using assets from both in and outside of Upland.

This initial release of the NFT Portal, however, will only support the transfer of assets into Upland from the Upland Collectibles: Blockchain Heroes card packs on the WAX blockchain. Long-term, the NFT Portal will support additional blockchains such as Ethereum, FLOW, and more!

This is a massive achievement for the Upland team. Interoperable NFT assets push us that much closer to our vision for the metaverse in which gaming assets are no longer bound by the constraints of their native ecosystems! Interoperable assets mean more utility, more uniqueness, and most importantly, more value.

Details on the full breadth of this feature plus a how-to guide will be released once the NFT Portal is live later this week.

The NFT Portal Store Promo

As with other metaverse-changing features, the NFT Portal comes with its own terraformer. Moreover, the new UPLD token, which represents each NFT that comes through the portal will be commemorated with a new NFT Wizard. On Friday, August 20th, at 9:00 AM PT, the “UPLD NFT Wizard” and the “Portia Terraformer” block explorers will be for sale in the Upland Store for a limited time as special add-ons to different UPX bundles. Details on the sale are below.

We can’t wait to bring this feature to the metaverse! Check back for more details on the NFT Portal in the coming days…



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