The SF Villain Heist

Jul 30, 2020 · 4 min read

UPDATE: Registration is now open! You have 24 hours to sign up here.

“Calling all Uplanders, we need your help capturing these villains! They threaten the expansion of Upland and we must stop them before they get away.”
-Miles the Llama

Miles was preparing for his adventure east, working to unlock new land for Uplanders, when he was ambushed by two villains who each stole a special item. Marve the Meerkat stole the keys for the first property to be minted in New York City, and Lecter the Lizard stole Miles’ tickets for the first flight to New York City.

But don’t worry, we have a plan. We’ve created a new type of treasure hunt that will help the Uplander citizenry track down the villains: the Scavenger Hunt. Lecter and Marve are sneaky, but they’re also reckless and leave many clues behind.

Since there are two stolen items to retrieve, we’ve created two different Scavenger Hunts to help you track them down.

Every player gets their own 5 treasures to hunt. There will be a grand prize for each hunt. The winner of the grand prize is the player who gets all 5 treasures first in that hunt. You’ll have to work fast because we’ve put a big bounty on those criminals!

How to play

First, make sure to register. Registration will open on July 30th at 8am PST, and will stay open for exactly 24 hours. Scavenger hunts will require a registration fee for participation. Your entire registration fee goes toward the prizes (both treasures and the grand prize)!

To register, select the “Treasure” icon after registration has opened.

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Choose which criminal to pursue (unless you dare pursue both):

  • Marve the Meerkat who stole the keys to the first property to be minted in NYC. The Marve Scavenger Hunt will cost 25,000 UPX to join.
    If you’re the first Uplander to catch Marve, then you’ll receive the grand prize for your hunting group and be gifted the first minted property in NYC!
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  • Lecter the Lizard who stole the plane tickets for the flight to NYC. The Lecter Scavenger Hunt will cost 2,500 UPX to join. If you’re the first Uplander to catch Lecter, you’ll receive the grand prize for your hunting group and the plane ticket for the first-ever, exclusive flight in Upland, before flights are opened up to the general public! The winner will also get the exclusive “First Aviator” badge, giving them bragging rights for all of Upland-eternity.
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On Friday, July 31st at 08:15 AM Pacific time (15 minutes after registration closes), the hunt will start and you’ll get your first clue, which will be shared on our Twitter.

  • This clue will point you toward the first property that contains both a treasure and your next clue. You must visit the property your current clue points to, in order to move onto the next clue.
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  • Your second clue, pointing to the second property in the hunt, will be revealed at the first property. This process will repeat until you get all 5 treasures at the locations the clues point to, and complete the hunt (only the first clue will be delivered via Twitter).
  • To see your clues, go to “Treasure” in the quick menu and select the Scavenger Hunt you registered for.
  • The first player to complete all 5 clues will win a grand prize, officially ending the event (for their hunt). You’ll be able to see how you stack up in the hunt through a dedicated Challenge Board. Access the challenge board by clicking the trophy icon here:
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  • You can still earn UPX by solving all the clues and completing the hunt within 24 hours of the event’s start time, but after that, the treasures will disappear.

When both the keys and the tickets have been recovered and returned to Miles, we’ll have everything we need for our exciting upcoming expansion into NYC, and those villains will be spending a lot of time in Alcatraz!

Join our Discord or Telegram channels for live discussion during the event.

Stay sharp and good luck!

Llama, out! 🎙


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