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UCN Highlight: Daily Uplander

Nov 20, 2020 · 2 min read

We all know that there is some amazing creative and technical talent contributing to the Upland community. Today we would like to highlight some of that talent: a platform that is helping Uplanders navigate property data, send locations, and more! The Daily Uplander is produced by two Upland citizens, MXZTPLK and EmGi, who are part of the Upland Contributor Network.

Here’s how Daily Uplander founder MXZTPLK describes their platform:

DailyUplander and Upland Data help you make faster and smarter property research, by using our search tools. Players can find the lowest prices for a specific Neighborhood, specific Collection, or the entire city. We also provide Tools and Statistic Data and are constantly adding new content. Our latest tool is a Send Finder, which helps any Explorer find the closest Send Planes to one of their properties, and it has been a big success.

Uplanders MXZTPLK and EmGi have done such a wonderful job with their data tools, that the Upland team often uses them while doing work and evaluating minting trends!

My question to them: What motivated you all to produce this platform?

The API provides a lot of data, but it was only useful to a few players who could understand it, so I decided to learn it myself, and work on DailyUplander to bring that information to all players and level out the Play Field.


I had no clue about APIs, html, and large amounts of data before Upland. I started to improve my skills in these areas, enormously, while working on Upland Data. I wanted to share the results with the community.

-EmGi (paraphrased)

In addition to data tools, EmGi has also produced some of the best videos and tutorials to help you get started in Upland, which can be found here.
One of their most popular videos is a guide to Treasure Hunts in Upland.

This post is the third in a series where we will be highlighting the work of the Upland Contributor Network. For more information on the UCN and how to get involved, read this.

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