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Upland Christmas Time!

It’s Christmas time in upland and we have several fun updates that will not only allow the Upland team to spread the Holiday cheer, but also enable the community to get in on spreading the good vibes as well!

Upland Christmas Gift Shop

The Upland Christmas Gift Shop is live!
You are now able to purchase gifts for your fellow Uplanders. Many Uplanders have already started buying gifts!

Here are some great reasons Uplanders may want to buy a gift from the UPX store:

  1. Show another player you appreciate them
  2. Help a new player get started
  3. Make a new friend
  4. Generally spread Christmas joy!

There are 4 different gift types:

  • Gift (3,000 UPX)
  • Premium Gift (10,000 UPX)
  • Karma Gift (3,000 UPX +)
  • Premium Karma Gift (10,000 UPX +)

The last 2 options have an additional gift boost that will be variable. Most will get the standard UPX amount, but a lucky few will get an extra big gift! Follow the package help section in the UPX store to see how your UPX translates to gifts! Some packages give the entire UPX amount to the recipient player(s), while other packages split the UPX between the purchasing player and the gift recipients.

After you purchase an UPX package with a gift image next to it, you can then fill out a simple form, letting us know who the gift is for. The link to this form is in the help section of each gift buying option. Each gift you send will be placed on a random property owned by the gift recipient on Christmas day (as a gift themed treasure). The gift recipient will receive a message in the Upland message center, telling them they received a gift from you and on which property that gift was placed.

The gift shop will remain open until December 24th at 8am PT.
The gifts will be distributed throughout Upland on Christmas day, December 25th, at 3am PT.
The gift shop is only available on the web (or mobile browser), and not from the app.
Players may not give gifts to themselves, and may only give a maximum of 3 gifts to the same player.

Santa Challenge

Today we also launched a gift giving leaderboard, which measures a gift score based on the amount of UPX a player distributes as gifts (this will count all gifts purchased prior to the board going live all well).

The three players who give the most gifts will receive a Santa Badge, ensuring that their reputation as a generous Uplander will follow them forever!

Christmas Sandbox Practice

The Christmas Sandbox Practice leaderboard is now live! It will measure the points earned in each neighborhood from building structures (including decorations!).

Christmas Sandbox Decorations and Costumes

You may have noticed that the Sandbox buildings are looking a bit more seasonal. We also have a special easter egg decoration on the map. Can you guess what it is? But the Upland dev team aren’t the only ones that get to decorate, you can too!

Instead of just buildings, you can now also build Christmas decorations on the Upland map! There is a large and small version of each decoration, so anyone can get into the holiday spirit. Build a tree farm, an army of giant santas, or decorate how you see fit! There might even be a prize for the best decorated neighborhood, so be sure to collaborate with your neighbors and decorate wisely. Just like the structures, you can customize the color scheme of each decoration to make things really interesting.

Additionally, you can now add a holiday decoration or costume to your explorer! Just go to the “edit explorer” screen and try on some new looks!

Sandbox Cell Towers

After Christmas celebrations start slowing down (December 27th at 12pm PT), we will introduce Cell Towers into the sandbox. This will allow players to test the range and impact of the towers, without ruining the Christmas cheer!

Additionally, you can now pay UPX to speed up your property development. 100 UPX will speed up construction by 1 spud hour. However, during the Detente competition, this feature will be more expensive to activate.

As a reminder, all Sandbox buildings are currently transient and will be removed after the new year!



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