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Upland Presidential Events

No matter your opinions on US politics, there is no doubt that the upcoming election is a big one! In Upland, we’re creating our own political systems. Some aspects coordinated by the team, and some emerging organically as the community self organizes and evolves. Take a break from real world political bickering and enjoy a few special president-themed events in Upland!

Manhattan: The Final Opening

We’re finally going big in NYC! You’ve had a taste, but get ready for the whole kitchen.

Monday, November 2nd at 10am PT, we are unlocking the rest of Manhattan!

In total, Manhattan will have over 41,000 properties, of which over 4.700 are currently minted. The final Manhattan opening will include Landmarks like Trump Tower and legendary buildings like Federal Hall. Manhattan will contain 55 neighborhoods. Manhattan will still remain in Vanilla mode.

You’ll want to get there early, because this time we’re opening up Manhattan to all of Upland at once, and the hottest properties in NYC won’t last long.

The Presidential Auction

Next week, we’ll be auctioning off some very special properties. If you win the auction, you will win a legendary piece of America’s leadership history.

The schedule

  • Monday: 1pm PT Barack Obama’s Home while at Columbia University (142 W 109th St)
  • Monday: 6pm PT Federal Hall (26 Wall St, New York)
  • Tuesday 2pm PT: Trump Tower (721 5th Ave)

The property guide with full details and starting prices will be released this Sunday.

How it will work

  • There will be a required registration within the Upland app. Registration will open at 12pm PT on Sunday. While registration will remain open until 30 minutes prior to Tuesday’s auction (1:30pm PT), you must register at least 30 minutes prior to Monday’s auction in order to participate (11:30am PT). You only need to register once to participate in both Monday and Tuesday’s auctions.
  • Registration will include a 50,000 UPX deposit, that will be returned on Tuesday, after both auctions are over. This is to ensure all participants are serious bidders.
  • The auctions will take place on the Upland Discord, in the #Auctions channel. You must join this channel to participate in the auction. Only registered players will be allowed to respond to the bids, but any players can join the channel and watch. Your Upland username must match your discord username (so we can find you and add you to the channel).
  • When at least 1 player meets the bid, the price will be raised by 100,000–200,000 UPX, with a smaller raise as the auction proceeds. An Upland team member will post the next bidding price.
  • This will repeat, until there is no longer a taker of the raised bid. That player will have won the auction and will have a limited time to then purchase the auctioned property. The property will be unlocked for the winning player and the price will be set at the winning bid. The winning bidder must be ready to purchase all necessary UPX required for the winning bid.
  • In order to bid, a registered player will have to respond by quoting the most recent auction price and adding the “100” emoji, directly in the #Auction channel.
  • If you are in the top 3 highest bids (in either auction), you will receive the Auction Badge.

Important Notes

  • If a player wins the highest bid, but does not go through with purchasing the property, they will lose their 50,000 UPX deposit.
  • Players will get their deposit refunded by visiting City Hall and collecting a private treasure, after Tuesday’s auction has ended.
  • The winning player must have the required UPX within 10 min of the auction closing.
  • We will provide a private flight to NYC if the winning player is in Fresno or San Francisco.
  • We reserve the right to modify and improve the auction process described above.

President of the Villains

You might remember the first serious villains to cause trouble in Upland, Marv and Lecter from the SF Villain Heist. Well they’re back again, causing a ruckus.

The Villains are battling for power in Upland. Miles the Llama has intervened with a solution. In order to prevent destruction from the villains’ feud, Miles has organized a democratic election that will determine which villain should lead their sneaky crew.

The details:

  • Voting will be open for 2 days( November 2nd and 3rd).
  • 3 villains will be running for President of the Villains.
  • Vote by visiting 1 of 3 properties that will be revealed prior to voting opening.
  • Only 1 vote per player will be counted.
  • All voters will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 3 extremely rare Biden-Trump head block explorers.

Full details on voting and information on the candidates will be revealed early next week.

If you haven’t kept up, be sure to check out all the awesome Halloween events going on in Upland this week.

Until next time, Llamaste!



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