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Upland Thanksgiving Hunt

Nov 21, 2020 · 4 min read

UPDATE: Registration is now live.

With the Holiday season upon us, it’s almost time to feast in Upland.
Miles the Llama is preparing a huge Thanksgiving dinner for all Uplanders!
However, Miles will need your help! Feeding thousands of Uplanders isn’t easy. So we’re sending you on a mission to get the most delicious Thanksgiving foods in San Francisco!

This isn’t just any grocery list though, this is the Upland Thanksgiving Hunt! This means it will be a competitive race, involving solving clues to see who can reach the final location first, and win the grand prize. Of course, we’re going to give out lots of prizes along the way.


In order to participate in the Thanksgiving Food Hunt you will have to register in advance.

Registration will open on Tuesday November 25th at 9am PT and close on Thursday November 26th at 9am PT. In order to compete, each player will pay an entry fee. From your entry fee, 35% will go toward the grand prize and roughly 65% will be returned to the players in the form of treasures earned along the way to complete this hunt (although there will be variability in UPX returned based on the pinatas).

There will be two tiers to this event with different names:

  • Tier 1 will cost 20,000 UPX
  • Tier 2 will cost 2,000 UPX

The primary difference between each tier is the cost of entry and thus the amount you can potentially win. Play big to win big! (There will be a different block explorer awarded for each tier.)

To register, select the “Treasure” icon after registration has opened. And choose the tier you’d like to participate in. You can only pick one, so choose wisely.


  • In addition to the grand UPX prize, the first 3 players to complete tier 1 will receive a property that is a part of the Fresno Mural collection (all are currently locked).
  • In addition to the grand UPX prize, the first 5 players to complete tier 2 will receive a property that is a part of the Fresno Fulton collection (all are currently locked).
  • Every player who completes the event will receive a limited edition Thanksgiving themed block explorer. There will be a different block explorer awarded for each tier.
  • For reference the first time we had a Scavenger Hunt event in Upland, the grand prizes were 684,500 UPX (tier 1) and 180,900 UPX (tier 2).
  • There will also be one pinata in the hunt, for every player. Some of them will be worth up to 50,000 UPX!

Event Details

  • The competition will begin on Thursday at 10am PT.
  • There will be 8 clues pointing to 8 locations for each challenge.
  • Every registered player will get an additional 16 sends, right before the event.
  • While the competition will be a race, all players will have 24 hours to complete the hunt, which will end on Friday at 10am PT.
  • To see your clues, go to “Treasure” in the quick menu and select the challenge you registered for.
  • You must visit the property your current clue points to, in order to move onto the next clue.
  • This process will repeat until you collect all 8 treasures at the locations the clues point to.
  • Once you collect the treasure from the 8th location, you have completed the hunt!
  • The first player to complete all 8 clues will win a grand prize. You’ll be able to see how you stack up in the hunt through a dedicated Challenge Board. Access the challenge board by clicking the trophy icon here:
  • You can still earn UPX by solving all the clues and completing the hunt within 24 hours of the event’s start time, but after that, the treasures will disappear.

On thanksgiving we’ll aso enable some festive explorer accents that will help everyone get into the holiday mood! This will function exactly like the costumes from Halloween, and will be available for activation on the “edit explorer” screen.

Got any questions?
Join our Discord server and ask! There will be live discussion during the event on the #live-events channel.

Stay sharp and good luck!

Llama, out! 🎙

-The Upland Team


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